Friday, 20 January 2012

Don't worry M'lud it's normal

The story that urine has been found in food and drink served to judges and counsel at Snaresbrook Crown Court has led everyone to leap to the conclusion that vengeful crims have deliberately adulterated their lordships' nosh. The reality may be more innocent, and hidden in the story;
A source told The Sun: 'Hygiene inspectors started an investigation. People are worried there might be someone working in the kitchens with a serious grudge against the legal system. They've suspended the entire catering staff including many old women who have worked there for donkey's years.'
I seem to recall that widespread geriatric incontinence among the aged kitchen staff at my own boarding school lent the food a piquant flavour that cannot have been unfamiliar to many of our learned friends at Snaresbrook. And I daresay it does no-one any great harm.


Goodnight Vienna said...

Slightly related - I once worked in a police station where the canteen lady used to pee in a bucket kept in the food cupboard. Those were the days when they could be sacked though.

Budgie said...

I do remember being told by a waitress (well, ex -) that, working in a big chain hotel, she witnessed a roast chicken falling out of the food elevator onto the floor. It was dusted off, put back on the plate and served. This was only about 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

How did they confirm it was urine?

bakko said...

Lawyers, huh ? pity it wasn`t strychnine.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Budgie: that story turns up in George Orwell's book "Down and out in Paris and London".

Just sayin'