Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another stinking foul shite of a lawyer

This one is called Ellis. He's an MP. A Tory MP. I can't add to Quentin Letts' piece in the Mail, which concludes;
Mr Grieve, who washed his hands of any responsibility for Government policy (while conceding that American justice may seem harsh), had not bothered to listen to Mrs Tappin’s evidence. His failure to salute the humanity of the matter – the sheer misery, so poetically conveyed – was inept.

He is almost the worst sort of lawyer. But let us reserve that stinking garland for one of the committee’s MPs, a revoltingly ambitious Tory called Ellis (Northampton N). This Ellis, a barrister, asked questions greatly to the convenience of Mr Grieve. No doubt the U.S. embassy will be delighted with him. No doubt Mr Grieve will recommend him for promotion. I hope he rots on the backbenches for an aeon.


Anonymous said...

One of the comments below the piece, sets out exactly the position this country and it's people find itself in.

"Another day another story confirming that the coalition have lost all touch with the electorate. How can we let Abu Qatada stick 2 fingers up whilst willfully Betraying British citizens."

And early in the main body of the piece, just above the photo, Mrs Tappin is described

"...One of Cameron’s people, you’d once have said. Not now. Mr Cameron is spending his political capital like a man burning £50 notes." Quite!

All this shows us just how far down this country has sunk and the whole lot just STINKS!

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The days are far gone when Tory MP's - or any MP's come to that - would stand up for the rights and freedoms of their constituents.

The whole political class needs to be taken out and shot.

Greg Tingey said...

Weekend Yachtsman:
Rope can be re-used ........

Further to stinking shites ...
The previous post re (probably) Brunei is interesting ...
Can we add Archerfileds to the list to be strung up?
VERY noticeable that the relevant page has vanished from the current Torygraph web-site.
Its appearance was brief - hopefully it will be sufficient.
One assume Privte Eye will be on to it....

john miller said...

MPs are unable to comprehend the position this couple find themselves in.

Kill someone whilst texting while driving? 16 days in a cushy nick.

Break the law that you yourself constructed, the one with the "no excuses" clause? A tiny fine and no loss of stature, keeping your position as Attorney General.

Fiddle your expenses, using one rule for the taxman and one rule for the Fees Office? Shrug of the shoulders.

No, MPs are now hard wired to believe they are above the law.

And, sickeningly, they are quite right.

Sean said...

I cant really comment on the case but I have lived in Texas for a short while where I have every confidence he will receive a fair trail.

But just on simple stats the US fulfill 80% off our judicial warrants and we fulfill 50% of theirs.

Anonymous said...

Those words are too kind for the man.

Ellis has been one of the most insidious attackers of jury trials - he never misses an opportunity.

A fifth columnist.