Friday, 24 February 2012

Eugenics again

There is no practical difference between a Bangladeshi woman seeking to abort a female foetus because boys are more culturally valuable and a Fabian seeking the compulsory abortion of all offspring of those of low intelligence. Both practices are equally repugnant. Polly Toynbee's beloved Swedish fascists avoided taking the abortion decision by compulsorily sterilising the thicker Swedes until the 1970s, but this is morally no better. The left may argue that allowing Pakistani and Bangladeshi women to abort female foetuses is kinder than the common alternative fate for live-born infant girls - the 'accidental' rollover, asphyxiation during sleep. It's not. Both are heinous. 

There is a criminal trial in progress that prevents me commenting more fully on the evils of Labour's support of cultural apartheid in Britain, a policy of multikulti that has permitted and encouraged misery, exploitation, abuse and subjugation of women in a nation in which such things have no place. Support of multiculturalism means support of eugenics, it's as simple as that. Neither have a place in a civilised society. 


Edward Spalton said...

From the beginning Marxism contained a murderous propensity for what might be termed mass eugenics. So it is not surprising that admirers and fellow travellers of the creed should share in it. In the Rhenische Zeitung during 1848, Friedrich Engels wrote that certain races would simply have to disappear because they were insufficiently advanced to be able to adapt to the developing revolutionary situation. Amongst these groups, marked out for Marxist "Sonderbehandlung" were Serbs and Scottish highlanders.

A group of MEPs from former Eastern Bloc countries produced a very useful film, showing the similarities between the Marxist and Nazi revolutions and their methods. It also included a film clip of George Bernard Shaw advocating "humane" gas chambers for the socially useless. I lost the link to this film when my computer went belly up a while ago. It is one of the very few useful things to have come out of the EU.

Robert Conquest, the first historian to grasp the height, length and depth of the Soviet Terror, summed it up in a grim little limerick.

"There was an old Marxist called Lenin,
Who did one or two million men in.
That's a lot to have done in.
But where he did one in,
That old Marxist Stalin did ten in".

DeeDee99 said...

There are simply too many Asians in this country now to assimilate them into British society and culture by normal means. The obsession with multiculturalism has allowed two generations to settle with no attempt to make them reject the barbaric practices of their homelands.

We need to enforce the female equality law and make it as visible as the enforcement of the ethnic diversity ones. Asians (Muslims are the chief culprits) must be forced to adapt to our society, where females are as valued members of society as males.

If that means removing children from their parents, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Heinous indeed but well said honest comment Raedwald.

Whilst the white population is slowly asphyxiated with a form of PC Zyklon B by the Social engineering stasi - are emboldened by their Socialist and EU backers.
Everything which is officially proscribed in our 'white ghettos', the opposite is sanctioned in the Pakistani/Bangla 'communities'.

Whereby - traditional ritualistic, fetishism and tribal savagery [including the above and afore-mentioned + pre-pubescent genital mutilation] is freely allowed and given taxpayer [via the unquestioning PC bound NHS] funded aid.
The authorities, who by turning a blind eye and firmly burying [collectively] their heads in the sand; grant their official seal of approval [and all purposefully done] it's the British multi-cult of shame and also EU and strict policy.

In the background, a powerful ideology, is also a potent, though unseen [and malign] influence, it is being appeased -

And - it is written.

Anonymous said...

Twas ever thus. Some time back on R4 an Asian woman was interviewed and she complained bitterly that she had been subjegated by men from her own race and not allowed to integrate. There rests the evidence for this case.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@DeeDee99: "If that means removing children from their parents, then so be it"


Your cure would be worse than the problem, I believe. Please reconsider.

G. Tingey said...

Depends what you mean by multiculturalism
If you are talking about food, snazzy clothing styles, music, then the more the merrier.
It's M/c SOCIAL attitudes, especially those from any religion which are unwelcome.
Because, if it's religious:
1] Women are inferior
2] "god" (the priests) get to bully everyone
3] education goes to shit
And we only see islam doing this right now, but christianity is just as bad - if you read your hoistory.
ANd would love to do so again, if it thought it could get away with it.
Appeasing the islamicists has had this encouraging effect on the christian nutters.
If you don't believe me - look at Hick Sanatorium

Anonymous said...

food, snazzy clothing styles, music?

All European, Americas and Oriental - style, food and music - luv it, as to the rest of the world - Africa has music.

Anonymous said...

If you wanted to deconstruct a society, over a century say, you import a culture so at odds with the host it literally implodes.

The Fabian socialist motto is: "Deny with your lips what you do with your hands"

Our society has been subjected to an ideology that is devoid of honour. Socialism is simply an agenda, a programme with no merit.

Decontruct the deconstructors and you'll uncover the weirdness and perversity of a cult whose sole aim is to destroy our society then recreate it in its own image.

Multiculturalism is the function of mass immigration, the fuel and the flame.


anon 2 said...

I can't see the point of being born into the neu world anyway: as either male or female. But the event is unlikely if tbtb do away with either gender --- unless the egg battery farms are already under construction, somewhere.

James Higham said...

had this encouraging effect on the christian nutters

Are all of them nutters?

G. Tingey said...

Yes, but some are completely harmless ...
SOme are not harmless - and they are the ones to watch out for ....

lilith said...

The Swedes are still heavily into racial purity...Calfy told me she only saw pedigree dogs in Goteborg. And the immigrants live in separate cities.

DeeDee99 said...

@Weekend Yachtsman

If an Asian family persist in barbaric cultural practices against their female children (FGM, honour killings, female infanticide amongst them) then they really shouldn't be allowed to care for any children - male or female.

At best, they will teach the males to continue with their barbaric cultural practices' at worst, other female children will suffer.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Eugenics has always belonged to the left so it will be no surprise if we see Polly Toynbe and company defending this abhorrent practice in the name of cultural diversity