Sunday, 12 February 2012

Honesty is optional for EU, says court

Giacomo Regaldo (left), a grubby little Italian thief, was a former committee member of the EU's EESC (see post below). Not only for almost six years did he claim the cost of return flights from Brussels to Rome from the EU, he claimed the same costs from his domestic sponsoring organisation. The additional fact that he never actually made the trips at all, having a permanent home in Brussels, would add considerably to his sentence you would have thought - unless, that is, the case is heard in a Belgian court.

In a recent judgement that our own bent Parliamentarians would relish, a Belgian court has recently ruled that honesty is purely optional for the EU nomenklatura. It was perfectly OK for Regaldo to defraud the EU; not a crime at all, the system allowed him to do it, even if it was fraudulent and dishonest. 

The EU thinks the UK would be greatly improved by adopting European systems of justice. Now I'm sure I know why.


Anonymous said...

Astonishing! I'm lost for words.

Coney Island

nisakiman said...

Nice work if you can get it.

I should have chosen a different career path...

Barnacle Bill said...

One again we see the unacceptable face of our political elite.

Michael said...

A while ago I did some work for an EU organisation - two weeks in an Eastern European country.

Never mind the fact that I could produce a bill (paid for using my personal credit card) from an international chain of hotels as proof that I actually went there, the EU bods wanted to see my airline boarding cards before they'd pay my expenses.

Now I know why!

In the meantime, my German manager (on €120,000 pa) was using our two locally-hired translators as interpreters when he had a budget to hire both interpreters and translators.

So he pocketed the salaries of the interpreters while the translators worked two jobs.

Could I find a way to report him? Could I hell.

Sceptical Steve said...

Surely the single market should extend to legal services, in which case we could all choose to argue our case before a Blegian court?

Anonymous said...

surely people like you, with your pseudo-journalism, shouldn't be going around posting pictures without even knowing what you're doing.
the man in the picture has never stepped in Brussels and has nothing to do with the European Union. he lives in Brazil and just happens to have the same name.
you'd better remove the picture and apologise publicly if you want to avoid legal action.