Saturday, 25 February 2012

Labour's dodgy money

If there's one thing Blair will be remembered for, apart from his megalomaniac military adventuring, it will be the stench of fraud, corruption and peculation that hangs over the entire Blairite coterie. Of course Blair sold peerages, but we're not yet ready to admit it; Mandelson's iffy relations with Russian oligarchs that has left him a home of such size and vulgarity that Liberace would not have been ashamed to have stayed, and their chums were parachuted into tax-funded sinecures that bled the working family dry. Among them was Emma Harrison, whose firm A4e we now learn had a success based on fraud and false accounting. Anyone closely associated with Blair during the sleaze years has been diplomatically distancing themselves from the teflon-tanned gamester, who continues to amass dodgy wealth in the Middle East. 

Blair's culture of corruption was so deeply embedded in government it will take another generation to rid Westminster of the stench of rotten Mackerel.


DeeDee99 said...

I continue to hope that one day Blair, Brown, Mandelscum and Campbell end up in the Central Criminal Court - if not The Hague. They were responsible for the worse den of theives that ever emanated from No.10.

Anonymous said...

Now, excuse my ignorance, but I thought this chancer Harrison was a Cameron responsibility?

Anonymous said...

The stench of corruption ain't vanishing any time soon, I'm afraid. The Eurocrats, including our own MPs and their hangers-on have learned that the tax payer trough is as big as they ever need it to be - and then some. Until we the people put a stop to this, it will - and they will - carry on.

My hope is that Greece will be the flintlock that ignites the powder in the EU and UK.

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Oh come on!
Remeber Tony had god on ho side - so it must be all riight (?)

And, do you really think the current lot are any better?
Some of BoJo's friends are distinctly dodgy, then there's Werrity et al.
The most corrupt ministers I can remember were both tories - Maudling, and grand first prize to the unspeakable Marples.

A pox on all their houses

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey: "Oh come on!"

Yes. Don't forget that filthy traitor Edward Heath either.

'Faffing' around on Morning Cloud, with a house in the Albany. And from such supposedly humble beginnings.

At least we know Thatcher married wealth.