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Monday, 20 February 2012

Olympic abuse

I've no idea who the winners will be from the tacky events of this Summer, but it's fairly clear the poor folk who live in the East End will get scant benefit. Firstly, the promised construction jobs failed to materialise; the ODA's monitoring showed some 95% of building work went to workers from outside the area. Then they were advised that their road network would be reserved for bent FIFA officials in Mercedes limos with blacked-out windows to race to their west end hotels with a Lithuanian tart and a heap of cocaine each. Then they were advised they wouldn't be able to use the public transport system, either; priority would be given to games visitors, but never mind, they'd get shedloads of free tickets. When in recent weeks the free tickets turned out to be a miserly allocation of third-class seats to the women's ping-pong quarter-finals you'd have thought their lot couldn't get any worse.

One of the compensations they were promised in return for their roads being turned into Zil lanes and the tube becoming unusable was a spanking new park on their doorstep; if they had to stay at home, at least they could get out into the fresh air. News today that sitting in the park will cost them £10 a go must surely put the cherry on the cake. You'd need a heart of stone ...


Pavlov's Cat said...

I'm sure they will state that it's entirely appropriate to charge

Much like the cycle race is

"London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton told the BBC it would be "perfectly appropriate... to consider charging for the tickets".

He said, given the facilities that have been put in place by Locog, it was appropriate to consider charging for tickets."

London 2012: Box Hill woodland scrub cleared for spectators

Forgetting once again who actually paid for Locog

Greg Tingey said...

I like 4km directly North of the main stadium.
I've been ranting on for 4+ years now about this disgusting fascist waste of money.
But no-one lietens.
The braodcast media are all following Big Brother's line about how everyone LURVES the olympics, the local politicians won't be told, even face-to-face (yes, I know at least two of my local councillors.

As I've said on another blog somewhere, re. travel in the games period ....
For ease of travel on the tube ...
Why not just dress as a junior SS officer, and claim to be working for LOCOG/IOC. (?)

That should get you free passage.

The whole thing stinks, and it's going to be a compete disaster.

I wonder how many will die?
Either crowd-crush due to LUL's bullying and incompetent "management", or the enthusiastic "security" services gunning down some harmless passer-by, in the best Nazi traditions

Edward Spalton said...

Whenever I think of the Olympics, it reminds me of prayer unanswered "Please God, let the French get it". Of course, I did get an answer "No".

It also reminds me of Mr. Blair's faux pas at the opening of the utterly crappy Millennium Dome (a project inherited from Heseltine & Co, just as the Olympic Games are inherited from the heady days of Britain being a "young country" under Blair).

There was a great cock up over transport to the Dome which delayed the arrival of Important People. Tony apologised to them and as an afterthought added "to the ordinary people too". It's great to know what Equalities legislation really means!

Anonymous said...

The poor people?

Gadzooks man, we gave them; welfare, Jordan, Xfactor and cheap Colombian/Afghani coke/H and no education, 2 mil' immigrants - isn't that enough?

The Olympics, are for entertainment for the great and the good - and the underclass is not welcome at all.

What we should do, is ship them all and up north - Stornaway is nice in August.

Edward Spalton said...


Please don't ship the to Stornoway!

It's a nice place and I was thinking of going there to get out of the way of it all - there or, maybe the extreme West of ireland.

JuliaM said...

And don't think you're going to go watch the practice for free, either!

JuliaM said...

Whoops! Copied wrong bit - try this.

Anonymous said...

As a northerner none of this touches or indeed benefits me or my "countrymen". The newly set up undemocratic state of LOCOG-LALALAND can do what it wants. I hope it isn't a disaster for the sake of the competitors; but I do have an easy feeling about the infrastructure.

Anyway, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The games will soon be over and all those fascists will be "men without office", to sink without trace as yesterday's has-beens.

Coney Island

FrankS said...

I see that Olympics 2016 will be held in Rio de Janeiro.
So the Olympic flame - symbol of vanity, hubris, power, money, corruption and folly - will be passed from an old country mired in debt and decline to one of the rising stars of the new world order.
There's a moral to be drawn there, I'm sure

Andrew Zalotocky said...

The 1948 Olympics expressed the spirit of Britain at the time: a serious, civilized nation that could enjoy sporting success without attaching undue importance to it.

The 2012 Olympics will express the spirit of modern Britain: a profligate, authoritarian bureaucracy that squanders billions on bread and circuses to stroke the egos of the parasite class.

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey: " The whole thing stinks, and it's going to be a compete disaster."

Yes and probably.

But it gives the PTB the opportunity to get regular Britons used to snipers on the roof tops and military on the streets.

Greg Tingey said...

I am really afraid you are correct.

Just by the local allotments, where I have a plot, there is a swimming-pool, and, of course a car-park.
If you want to bring stuff into the "plots" that's the place to do it ... back my L-R up to the gates, drive in, lock gates, unload 18 bags of ripe horse-manure .....
I am NOT looking forward to finding my way blocked by some moronic thug of a "security" so-called gaurd, because some collection os musclebound drugtakers, oops, competitors, are practising there.
Not a pleasant prospect.

Anonymous said...

You know what Mr. Spalton,

A sojourn, with some convivial company also the company of some good books , some walking and a glass of good cheer [some 'Irish mist' maybe] or two in the evening, comfortably accommodated in a Western Isles B&B. And, during the Olympic-global-advertising-fest is a splendid idea, ahem.....please hold that last comment!

Anonymous said...

There are times when living in Middlesbrough is a blessing.


Blue Eyes said...

If there was a competition for negativity and general misery, you f^ckers would win gold!

Edward Spalton said...

Blue Eyes,

To borrow from the immortal Mona Lott of ITMA fame,

"It's bein' so cheerful wot keeps us goin' "

Ed P said...

As so many Euro suckers will be at the O-limp-pricks, there may be cheap holidays on offer. I'm off!

Anonymous said...

What did the Olympics ever do for us east Londoners? Well, there was the East London line extension, the upgrading of the North London Line, the DLR extension, the decontaminating and landscaping of the entire lower Lea Valley, putting the high voltage power lines underground, and the huge number of jobs and houses that will come from Westfield and the Olympic Village. Apart from that, absolutely nothing...

Anonymous said...

Well I got my tickets for the Olympics... What event IS "Virgin Atlantic" anyway? I'm offski. As a better humourist than I once said "Include me out!" TTFN :)

Anonymous said...

It would seem that they haven't thought of everything yet…

If they were to air the events on Sky Sports only, those that think they are going to watch the games at home will have to ensure that they have a subscription to the premium channels.

And the money (our money) that the BBC has spent so far on this scam, and there is an awful lot of it, will have been wasted. Not to mention the daily bulletins from every "news" show on the "games" that we have endured for the last three years.

Come on locog (or whatever you are called)… Keep up.

Daily word from Chambers dictionary:

shenanigans plural noun, colloq 1 boisterous misbehaviour. 2 foolish behaviour; nonsense. 3 underhand dealings; trickery.

Greg Tingey said...

You presumably don't live here.
The ELL was in the pipeline BEFORE the O-bid was won, ditto imporovements to the NLL (though it helped with th money later.
What was really needed, and local was the re-opening of Hall Farm tot LEa Bridge, and Lea BRidge station.

De Nada.

It's a crooked sham

G. Tingey said...

Typing in a rage didn't help my spelling and case-sensitve there, did it?

Edward Spalton said...


There may be a new syndrome which can be pleaded in mitigation ( perhaps only by the Politically Correct though )-

"Blog rage"

andy said...

Last night a workmate of mine made a prediction,he expects there to be a big security scare towards the end of the games to justify increasingly draconian security measures as a full time thing,loads more surveillance in the street,lots of phone tapping,the internet coming under increasing regulation and censorship and whats the betting ID cards get mooted again?
Maybe its naive of me to think even our govt is not so venal as too stoop so low but I`ll be interested to see what does happen.