Monday, 13 February 2012

Sarkozy parrots Orban

There will be a collective case of the vapours amongst the colleagues infesting the Berlaymont this week. They can just about cope with a little nation like Hungary turning to the right on a platform of "Work, Home, Family, Health and Order" but when the President and Presidential candidate of France signals a change in his campaign to focus on "National Identity, Discipline, Order, Immigration, Work and Family" their soft lily-white hands must tremble as they hover over the lavish expense forms.

Sarkozy's turn to the right is a tactical move designed to place him on the same platform as Marine le Pen, and to secure him a run through to the second round. The smart money is on the Socialist candidate Hollande being knocked-out in the first round, leaving a clear race between Sarkozy and le Pen for the Presidency of the Fifth Republic. Whether the French will then pick this unpopular and bristly little haemorrhoid over a woman who could model for Marianne will make this contest the most exciting French Presidential race in years. 

By the time the first round is played on 22nd April, the Greeks could well have held their imminent Parliamentary election, with unknown results. If indeed they are still members of the Eurozone by then. The popular realisation across Europe that "postmodern relativism, redistributive left-liberalism, Frankfurt School cultural radicalism, and Marxian socialism", the ideological bedrock of the European left, has left the continent with a poison legacy of debt and unsustainable social engineering is driving the political pendulum back to basic values. In Greece the left wing PASOK won 44% of the vote in 2009; today their support is down to 8%, their support bleeding to parties on the right.

At home of course this leaves Ed Miliband set to follow Michael Foot as the Labour leader most disconnected from the voters. With no credible alternative to the discredited platform of the redistributive left, and voters still rightly blaming Labour for our economic mess, prospects look bleak for Labour in 2015.

The European Commission will be the toughest nut to crack; even if the European Parliament gains a right-wing majority. The Berlaymont is the Bastille of our age. Maybe it will take a Marianne to storm it.


BrianSJ said... Be careful what you wish for.

Greg Tingey said...

And, as the previous commenter noted ...Both the "left" and the "right" can kill and enslave.
The current Hungarian path looks very dodgy to me - bring back the Inquisition & the Index!

Remeber there is the OTHER political axis: Libertarian/Authoritarian, which may be more important ... don't you think so?

Raedwald said...

Brian, Greg - yes, agree. As one who is both localist and liberal, I find the prospect of a rightist central State as repugnant as a leftist one but as I've pointed out, the Euro right walks a different path to our own Burkean tradition

Anonymous said...

Yet, incredibly - Miliband's bunch of Socialist re-engineering nutters are still relatively high in the opinion polls

"Brian, Greg - yes, agree. As one who is both localist and liberal, I find the prospect of a rightist central State as repugnant as a leftist one but as I've pointed out, the Euro right walks a different path to our own Burkean tradition"

What then, for us here in Britain?

We don't have a right wing party do we?
The centre left claque, has fekkin cocked up big style and yet the electorate is quiescent [or numbed to apolitical incomprehension, or braindead].
What will it take to make them [the people of Britain] see and discriminate between the 'deadwoods' and make change real - who will provide an alternative?

Because, I can see no one who can take responsibility to actualise the necessary political renaissance.

Greg Tingey said...

Because we need someone, or a group who are moderately "right" yet socially extremely (to the point of making RC's drop dead of fright) "liberal" and believing in strong defences for this country.

For all his many mistakes and faults, WSC was one of the last of those, and possibly Harold Macmillan.
[ I was present, as an 9-year-old child at WSC's last public speech. Um, err ... ]

1] Taxes beyond 50% of income (TOTAL) are pointless.
2] Similarly taxing anyone with an income of less than £12k (possibly £15k)p.a. is equally pointless.
3] RN >=50 ships
4] Legalise (and tax and specify purity of) ALL drugs. Thus cutting criminal exploiters off at knees. Dsitribute through pharmacies.
5] Disestablish English church and let religious fuckwits do want they want to in private.
6] Simultaneously enshrine law reinforcing "one law for all" - ANY "religious court" or judgement-panel is deemed illegal, and participants will be jailed.
7] Really difficult one - try to ream out vested interests - like the "social services" kidnapping of children, the CBI the IoD and some (a very few) "unions" - note here, one is going to have to be very careful about all of this last ......
8] Reform transport away from road-hauliers lobby
9] REAL "green" policies - not the crawling to vested interests we have now, nor that of the current so-called "Green Party" who are anti-science idiots.
Which means nuclear power, and Hydro (multiple and small-scale )
10] Call three-possibility referendum on EU membership { in/reneg/out - with second perference...)

I could go on for some considerable time about this, but that'll do for now!

Wildgoose said...

Sounds like a plan to me Greg.

But I would also add the need for an English Parliament, and turning the UK into a modern federation as well.

Blue Eyes said...

The problem is that for Europe as a whole (inc. UK) to get from here to somewhere half decent is either going to need years of careful/frustratingly slow reform (salami slicing) or a massive bust and start again from scratch.

G. Tingey said...

A federated Common-Wealth of the Islands.
England Wales, Scotland, Ireland(N), Ireland(S)
Policies determined centrally:
Defence, Macro-economics, intra-state transport.
Policies co-ordinated/co-operated between members: Transport, Health, micro-economics.
Everything else - local parliaments.
Where you put the English one, I don't know, but not London - that gets the overall legislature only

Paul H said...

@ G. Tingey

I'm afraid you'll have to leave Ireland(S) out of those plans. As much as relations have improved over the last few years, you'll find no appetite here to hand over power to London. We've already handed far too much over to Brussels.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for greater co-operation and co-ordination within these islands. I'd even consider rejoining the commonwealth, though that is a minority view here. But handing over soverignty to London, hmmm, no.

G. Tingey said...

NO - not quite
I'm assuming that the whole shebang exits the EU, so Ireland(S) gets a lot of powers back from Brussels, and they don't go to the "central" parliament either....