Monday, 5 March 2012

BBC / Oxford lecture

I'm hoping this will be recorded by BBC Parliament for viewing later at some time, but fear Peter Kellner's Reuters lecture will be buried in obscurity. Following a YouGov poll (not yet on their site) that reveals that 62% of us think politicians lie all the time (presumably the other 38% think they only lie some of the time) the Indie offers a brief teaser, quoting Kellner as saying
We are drifting towards a political system in which a combination of modern technology, mendacious journalism and angry voters will undermine representative democracy.
Which seems to suggest that Kellner lays none of the blame at the feet of the political class itself. Mendacious journalists and mendacious politicians live symbiotically, coprophage organisms both, each eating the other's shit. And in my view the greatest undermining of representative democracy is the centralisation of party politics, the disempowering of the grass roots and the change from political parties as mass membership organisations to consumer brands sold by the same marketing techniques as soft drinks or deodorant. 

The combination of modern technology and angry voters, far from undermining representative democracy, may be its saviour. Catherine Ashton, Kellner's wife, may wish she were insulated from the popular reality of public opinion on the EU's federast ambitions, may wish we were limited to the distorted mendacity put out from the Berlaymont and the tame BBC. And it's surely the refuge of  a rascal to blame the voters for being angry. Haven't we got enough to be angry about?

If anyone can find the broadcast details I'd be grateful for a note in the comments.


Anonymous said...

unelected grade A parasites, both

cuffleyburgers said...

Anybody with the misfortune to be married to that horrendous woman is deserving of our sympathy.

Or something.

Anonymous said...

Public disaffection, anger, hatred - will prick and be the undoing of the Westminster bubble.
The longer the charade lasts, the greater will be the crash and fall.
Until, these 'representatives' listen to their constituent electorate and listen to their concerns rather than toeing the party line, there is no point to them. And until the executive is separated from the legislature - we are disenfranchised.
Can it be, are these dimwits totally oblivious to the national hostility towards them? We must conclude that they are: it's going to be a very hard fall.
It is time, this cannot go on - they're bleeding us dry and the changing will soon be too late to halt.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

R, you are naughty. Fancy writing all that stuff about this Kellner (who he? was my reaction) and THEN dropping in the fact that he's married to ghastly Ashton.

Tut, tut.

David C said...

The governing classes are only too aware that modern technology (i.e. the internet) is a threat to them, in that it provides a platform for dissent, which mainstream political parties no longer do. Expect a massive onslaught after Levenson has abolished Murdoch.

Sun worshipper said...

@David: I strongly suspect that Murdoch is collecting the dirt on Leveson and half his committee members as we type. Better get your popcorn in early.

Anonymous said...

Of course the ruling class is angry with the people. That is why population replacement is their answer.

Mike Spilligan said...

It will be an unimaginably huge task to overcome the will of the incestuous brothel run by politicians, the media, the civil service (and their attendant quangos) and the trades unions.
How do we start?

Anonymous said...

Try this link for the text of his speech, after it has been delivered.

Anonymous said...

Re: Murdoch
Think I heard Andrew Neil speculate that Murdoch was stitching up a deal with Alex Salmond. His papers would back devolution and base Sky TV in Scotland if Salmond lowered Corporation Tax.

farmland investing said...

Query: How do you know when a politician is lying?

Answer: When is lips are moving.