Wednesday, 21 March 2012


UK price for a cartouche of premium fags £80
Hungarian price for the same £21 (7100 HUF)
Ryanair return fare May £35.60
1 night *** hotel £35

Breakeven at 239 fags
800 fags saves net £165
3400 fags saves net £933

With a saving of near £1k on a 3 month supply of legal, duty paid smokes for a heavy smoker - £4k a year - I'm expecting Budapest to be a popular destination this Summer


Barnacle Bill said...

Ah! Had me there!

I thought we were going to get some old Iron Curtain revelations, instead you're putting up a smoke screen.

I've vowed now to never again by any tobacco where the duty is going to our Exchequer.

Even if it means stopping till I can get over the other side. The piggies have just gone too far now.

Seriously thinking of having a go at growing my own if I can find a bit of land.

G. Tingey said...

Are you THAT desperate?

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey,

It's known as cussedness.

Robert said...

I do not smoke, but I do not believe smokers should have to pay the level of taxes currently levied. They should also have some where to smoke in pubs rather than the street or shacks at the side.

For those who wish to import their legal entitlement of EU tax paid cigarettes for their own consumption I recommend this website.