Friday, 9 March 2012

Correction - It's Ken Livingstone, not Ken Twatface

For all those non-entities and D-listers who will never make it to the Dictionary of National Biography there is always Wikipedia, so democratic that anyone can post an entry about themselves anonymously. The problem is that registered users can also edit existing entries, and the sort of mischief that altered Ken Livingstone's entry to Ken Twatface is never far away. However, the source of edits is also open information - and as the Indie reports, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has found that over 10,000 edits to MPs' entries have been made from Palace of Westminster IP addresses alone.

And what all those chiselling, crooked expenses thieves who survived the cull of 2010 are most concerned about is, of course, their own expenses history. It is telling that they are still working to attempt to erase the memory of the Rotten Parliament (1997 - 2010), hoping no doubt that the public memory is short and that by 2015 we will have forgotten the Telegraph's comprehensive catalogue of sleaze, theft and peculation in favour of Wikipedia's noted inaccuracy.

Fat chance.


Barnacle Bill said...

Rotten Parliament (1977-2010)

I like it young Raedwald, it has a certain ring about it, one hopefully heard never forgotten.

I shall of course doff the old uniform cap in yur direction when I have use of such a fine term.

Just a pity it hadn't been followed by a big bonfire of certain vanities!

DeeDee99 said...

What a shame the Rotten Parliament of 1977-2010 didn't lead to a mass clearing out of the thieves.

The Great British electorate, with their tribal voting patterns, missed a golden opportunity to get rid of ALL the expenses thieves from the Commons. It might have sent a clearer message to Their Unaccountable Noble Fraudsters in the Lords.

Anonymous said...

The bodily orifices, of mouth and anus, one is for defecation, the other is for ingress, exhilation of CO2.
In the evening of his life and unhappily for Ken, he hasn't yet worked out which way round it is supposed to work.