Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Prize prat Bercow

Squeaker Bercow yesterday offered a warning to men of small parts everywhere not to over-reach themselves. Bercow, an ill-socialised intellectual pygmy, subjected the Sovereign to an ugly and poorly judged little encomium to ... himself. Clumsy with sixth-form alliteration, his jejune speech even managed to incorporate some product placement, with the ghastly little dwarf stopping just short of draping the Soho rainbow  flag over Her Majesty's elegant shoulders. As he pompously handed HM the text of his truly dreadful speech the Duke of Edinburgh's eyes betrayed his wish for its destination - the nail in the staff water closet, at a guess

As the First Commoner, Bercow is supposed to represent all of us in the nation who are not peers. Never have we been so poorly represented. The fool is an embarrassment to the nation and a drug on Parliamentary efficiency. It really is time for him to go.


Edward Spalton said...

Following well-respected speakers like George Thomas, Bernard Wetherall, Betty Boothroyd & Co, it says something about Parliament that it chose Gorbals Mick and Squeaker Bercow in succession.

Not only that but Bercow's wife reinforced his diminishment of the great office by taking part in something called a "Slutwalk".

There were potential candidates of some gravitas and principle - like Frank Field but he is the last sort of person this trashy lot would select.

Barnacle Bill said...

It just goes to show the contempt our political elite have for us in electing the dwarf to be the "First Commoner".

As for Frank Field, even his halo was tarnished by his troughing.

DeeDee99 said...

The incredibly stupid people of Buckingham re-elected the dwarf and his attention-seeking wife. I hope they watched yesterday and cringed at the thought that they are responsible for inflicting such an embarrassment on the country and HM.

Still - there's always next time.

G. Tingey said...

Yes, but where are we going to get another Betty Boothroyd - easily the best Speaker we've had since WWII??

Edward Spalton said...

If I recall correctly, Frank Field was amongst the lower claiming MPs for expenses, well behind many of the outer London MPs who were claiming far more in second home allowances - although Field's constituency was in Merseyside.

He also said that, if he tried for the speakership, his own party comrades would block him.

Anonymous said...

There cannot be a more suitable appointment, to be the speaker of the house of commons.
Jerkoff, sits proudly in his seat and master of 'all he surveys' - right to the exit door, he rises above [which isn't that difficult to do].

Yea, a tinpot dictator presiding over a toothless and diminished provincialised backwater talking shop. Where useless prattlings - windbaggery is the order of every day.
Jerkoff, IMO: is the ideal mannikin.

Scrobs... said...

"Jerkoff, IMO: is the ideal mannikin."

Or pehaps a miniature Grandee...

'There's a good day's smoking in five...'

Dwarf throwing expert said...

Her Maj's speech should have simply stated that "the army is outside the front door ready to lead all you traitors straight to the Tower where your heads will be placed on spikes - pour encourager les autres. Brigadier, you have your orders".

Her expression made her thoughts very clear about what was being said.

delcatto said...

Why waste two paragraphs on him.
"Bercow is a cunt" is more economical.

Anonymous said...

Bercow is not a cunt, a cunt is useful.