Thursday, 22 March 2012

Running amok

Running amok in Malay, or spree killing in US, or beserking in Norse, is hardly a new phenomenon, and not confined to any single culture. Following a period of depressive or dissociative brooding, an individual arms themselves and embarks on a series of killings and attempted killings. It may be a single episode of violence if the weapon is an edged blade or suchlike - where the perpetrator is immediately proximate to the act, and can be himself killed or restrained - or over a longer period using a firearm if the perpetrator can evade immediate capture. Women never run amok; it's always men. Raoul Moat, the Washington sniper, Thomas Hamilton, Anders Breivik are just a few recent cases. And now Mohammed Merah in Toulouse.

The trigger for this behaviour can be anything from an unjust parking ticket to a sophisticated ideological self-delusion, a bad divorce, a bollocking from the foreman. You simply can't predict it. Yet governments will continue to want to try; they prefer to understand these mentalist episodes as 'lone wolf terrorist attacks' and search for group memberships and affiliations. Der Spiegel falls straight into this trap today, declaring "A man like Mohammed Merah is Western law enforcement's worst nightmare. The suspected perpetrator of the Toulouse attacks fits into the "lone wolf" category of terrorist."

But law enforcement agencies feel obliged to be responsible for such events happening, and always respond with "If only ...". If only we had access to everyone's emails, twitter posts, nectar cards, bus tickets, dvd rental records, radio listening habits, web surfing histories they say, we could better predict such behaviour. But of course they can't. Where the trigger can be as minor as a Kiwi barman short-changing them, leading them to assault the whole of Earl's Court with a samurai sword you can just never predict it.

Malays have long learned to accept the risk of being killed by someone running amok as part of normal life. They would, I'm sure, regard police roadblocks and metal detectors at the entrance to every market as an unwarranted intrusion on daily life. Let's not allow Merah to be the excuse for ever more intrusive State surveillance.


Barnacle Bill said...

Not only surveillance laws, look what the knee jerking political reactions to Dunblane & Hungerford did to firearms legislation in this country.

If we hadn't had those restrictions forced upon us Derrick Bird & Raoul Moat might have been despatched sooner with fewer victims and a lower body count for the MSM to go on another masturbation fest.

Exile in KL said...

FYI ad hoc police road blocks are a regular feature of Malaysian roads, but so long as your road fund disc is current you have little to fear from them. One of the major problems here is the general lack of enforcement over anything! But it is still a much better and cheaper country to live in than the UK. Highly recommended for anyone considering emigration or retirement.

Greg Tingey said...

I suspect you have shafted your own "explanation"....
You said: a sophisticated ideological self-delusion


A religion, specifically a version of islam, in this case.
Nothing to do with "amok" pleanty to do with madness and delusion.

"Bare-shirt" ( Berserk) is NOT amok ....
I should know.
The "down" afterwards is NOT pleasant - since you've just come off a "Natural-endorphin" high.
They never mention that.
Incidentally, the phrase "the red mist" is entirely correct - one has NO recollection of those few tens of seconds.

And yes, my name is a Viking one .....

Anonymous said...

Can we await the feminist response on this "never women"

cuffleyburgers said...

The one thing we can be quite sure of is kneejerk reactions from the so-called elite (in reality a bunch of corrupt imbeciles) and further grotesque restrictions on liberties.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Mereh has handed the EU authorities just exactly what they wanted in order to expand the depth and breadth of their intrusive scope.

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