Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Swissies to arrest German tax inspectors

I do love this story. Switzerland has issued arrest warrants for three tax inspectors from North Rhine Westphalia, who bought stolen data on Swiss bank account holders. It's hard to determine who is displaying more outrage - the Hun, at the Chutzpah of its tiny neighbour, or the Swissies acting like a violated maid. 

Switzerland is not a party to the European arrest warrant agreement, so the three may never face Swiss jail time. But this does reveal the delicious opportunity offered by the EAW - to arrest foreign bureaucrats who have been acting against the interests of the UK, whether by trying to sabotage our financial markets or other industrial espionage. Not the real spies of course, just the smug and wealthy nomenklatura ... for whom jail time in Belmarsh or Brixton would prove both salutary and popular.


Anonymous said...

You 'make play' Raedwald, the Swiss government is still nominally independent, we gave up our sovereignty in 1973 - Heath the traitor made sure of that.
Therefore, the chances of any arrests warranted by HMG are as remote as meeting a truthful Brussels bureaucrat.

DeeDee99 said...

In principle, yes Raedwald, but our pathetic government would never dare do such a thing. Rumpuy might tell them they are not being 'good Europeans.'

They've allowed 16 years of unaudited accounts to pass by without so much as a murmer; they aren't going to issue an arrest warrent for any Eurocrat because they support the EU.

Bill Sticker said...

Amusing thought there Raedwald; but sadly unlikely.

DeeDee99 has it right.

bamboo investments said...

Good for the Swiss! They've been pushed around enough on this who offshore finance issue, and now they've decided to push back.