Sunday, 15 April 2012

Who cares if Miliband wins in 2015?

David Hockney's impassioned rail against Boy Lansley, reported in the Mail today, demands that Lansley keep his 'mean, dreary views out of my life'. And that's the problem with the entire Cameron government; it's full of petty, spiteful, jejune, immature, bigoted and dreary ministers dosing out exactly the same petty, spiteful, jejune, immature, bigoted and dreary policy that we had under Incapability Brown. There is no renaissance, no localism, no rolling back of the State, just more of the same old. More and more traditional Conservative voters are now thinking 'Why the hell shouldn't I vote UKIP in 2015? Who cares if Miliband wins? What's the difference?'

Lansley is a minister of almost unbelievable stupidity. Early in post he floated a scheme for fitting RFID readers to all the nation's lamp columns, and issuing smart cards to the nation's school children. Kiddies who 'captured' a certain number of lamp columns - supposedly proof that they'd been running around outside shedding fat - would be rewarded with a new pair of trainers. Seriously. You couldn't make it up. Then he signed the department up to a £250m schools sponsorship deal with Unilever, Kelloggs, Nestle and BirdsEye - purveyors of high fat, high sugar, salty convenience foods - that would allow them to capture the under 10s with a degree of brands awareness previously unimagined. 

Quite why the imbecilic minister believes that children can read and be influenced by cigarette branding, yet be completely immune to branding carried by fudge bars, crisps, biscuits, pizza and ice cream, a branding shoved down their throats in the school refectory and assembly hall by Lansley's own department, is beyond me, but there it is.

If common sense is so far beyond Lansley one can hardly expect consistency except in witlessness.


Anonymous said...

Expect to see Respect and UKIP MP's next time.
More SNP north of the border.
Everyone is sick fed up of the three party system.
Sick fed up of robotic parachuted in EU reps from the three main.
The effect of this though may be a form of petty Balkanisation.

DeeDee99 said...

1. They have outsourced most REAL power and control to the EU - so they are desperately trying to demonstrate that they are 'making a difference.'

2. They have an inflated sense of their own intelligence and importance: of course they ARE right and it is only our stupidity which means we can't see it. They are entitled to run every aspect of our lives because we, quite obviously, can't.

There have been many articles in the past few days about UKIP and CON dissatisfaction. We are obviously seen as a threat now - but they have no idea how to counter it. The answer of course is - give the power back to the people, but they can't possibly do that because we will immediately reverse their policies of the past 40 years on the EU, mass immigration, climate change and the rest of their failures.

Anonymous said...

Parties are a big problem in democracy. Ideally, every MP would be an independent - but if they started that way, groups would soon form.

A Parliament with a number of small parties risks being run by the extremists, like the Knesset in Israel.


Anonymous said...

Fuqwits the lot of them.

Lansley is fishing for plaudits and to be noticed bacause Dave is angling to be rid of this useless flea bitten cur.
Bashing the easiest option is the norm - I distinctly remember the Red Tory boys promising [ha ha ha] to end the nanny state edicts - Well surprise, surprise! - they're worse than that of Nu Scum. Which all proves to me that Dave's administration was a Socialist EU inspired coup.

Anonymous said...

Lansley also wanted mandatory swine flu shots for school children, before the GE.

Incidentally, a blogger has been jailed for having a go at his local council.

To follow the story, a good place to start is Leg-iron's place:

Scrobs... said...

They (Tories) should have been the party of choice amongst normal-thinking people, but as their predecessors eventually found out, Brussels is King, so they might just as well piddle about and make themselves look busy.

Unfortunately, the Bliar/Brown years have just squeezed any normality from nulab haters, and Cameron and his twits are now just as bad.

UKIP it is from now on.

Cascadian said...

"The low-grade, low-intellect people now ruling us seem to have no vision at all."

Wonderful description, a lot of commentary has been directed to grade inflation in ejoocayshun, perhaps more attention is needed when analysing politicians. Today's cabinet minister abilities are equivalent to the sixties 11-plus candidate.

G. Tingey said...

Piano wire!

James Higham said...

I'm wondering if it will actually be in 2015.