Thursday, 17 May 2012

From Wehrmacht to Weltmacht

The delusion at the heart of the Federasts' entire European agenda is glibly parroted by Stefan Kornelius writing for Munich's Süddeutsche Zeitung;
But who decides for Europe? Its incomplete institutions? If these functioned more effectively, they would benefit from greater confidence. The fact that critical questions – the issue of democratic legitimacy, the level of supervision and control – have yet to be settled is proof of the continent’s political immaturity. At the same time, national institutions are also too weak to take on the entire weight of Europe. Nation states with their limited interests cannot be expected to represent an entity which, in terms of trade, has long been subject to forces of globalisation: only unity will enable the continent to gain the respect that it merits as a world power.
And there we have all the familiar old chestnuts in one basket. More power needed for European institutions; Europe is a single economic entity, Europe is a World Power. What nonsense. What risible tosh. That sensible people can persuade themselves to give credence to this guff, this flatus defies belief. 

Firstly, Europe is not and will never be an 'economic entity'. the divergence between European nations is greater than that of any grouping you can imagine; even if you take a random grouping of every country in the world beginning in 'M' their group economic divergence is less than that of Europe. (H/T Greg)

And as for wearing jackboots big enough to make weaker nations 'respect' you, and dreams of being a World Power ('Weltmacht' in German), it seems we've heard this sort of thing from Munich before. As Klemperer noted, 'Prefix Welt- ("world", as in Weltanschauung, "intuition/view of the world"): this was quite a rare, specific and cultured term before the Third Reich, but became an everyday word. It came to designate the instinctive understanding of complex geo-political problems by the Nazis, which allowed them to openly begin invasions, twist facts or violate human rights, in the name of a higher ideal and in accordance to their theory of the world.'


G. Tingey said...

Two points:
1: You are grossly unfair to Stefan Cornelius - he did, after all say the issue of democratic legitimacy, the level of supervision and control – have yet to be settled is proof of the continent’s political immaturity.
So HE is as worried about it as we are. The non-democratic state of affirs is a problem, at least.
NOT what you hear from von Rompouy, say!

2: I LURVE the photo - reminding us all that the "olympic torch relay" was a NAZI idea, and that the current vast corruption and corporatism by LOCOG, the IOC and Coes fascist friends is a vast rip-off, against which ALL protest is suppressed.

DeeDee99 said...

The description of Europe as one economic block; a world power etc sounds suspiciously similar to "Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer ......"

Will they never learn? I guess not.

G. Tingey said...

Bloody GROW UP!
Stupid, ignorant little man.

The one thing that would make my father lose his temper in public was people going on, any time between 1950 & when he died in 1994 was some moronic idiot like you spouting lying nonsesne about "it couldn't happen here" & " The Germans are all Nazis, and always will be"
Having been in CivMilGov 1945-48 he had seen and known that these were, and are stupid lies.

Remember also that Ms Merkel is an Ozzie - she KNOWS what a dictatorship looks like, from underneath.

Edward Spalton said...

Frau Merkel had a prominent position - Propaganda Officer in the Freie Deutsche Jugend, the unisex communist equivalent of the Hitler Youth. She had a very privileged upbringing in the Communist system, as well as an outstanding academic record. Her father was a left wing clergyman who left West Germany for the People's Paradise and was allowed unrestricted visits to the West at a time when his fellow citizens were getting themselves killed, trying to get out.

It is alleged that Frau Merkel was an "Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter" (i.e informer) for the STASI under the code name Erika. It is doubtful whether this will be proved any time soon, as it will take several generations for the present team to reassemble the important records which the STASI shredded. Co-operation with the STASI was the usual price for promotion in the German Democratic Republic.

Throughout her career, she has showed impeccable timing in dropping the patrons who helped her to previous advancement .

G. Tingey said...

E Spalton
The Wikipedia entry on A Merkel is interesting.
One wonders if Heer M (her father was actually a double agent?
Such an interpretation could ALSO be put on the available facts.
We don't know, do we?

WHat I DO notice is her impressive intellectual credentials - you don't get a PhD in Quantum Chemistry easily ....