Saturday, 12 May 2012

Olympic Shambles

An excellent piece in Vanity Fair on the Olympic shambles, greed, corruption and manipulation;
Repeatedly, I.O.C. members were found to be accepting bribes from cities wanting to host the Olympic Games. Amsterdam’s bid committee for the 1992 Games allegedly procured prostitutes for two I.O.C. members. The Atlanta 1996 committee doled out invitations to the Oscars, “free” shopping sprees, and lavish vacations by chartered jet for members. The Salt Lake City 2002 committee bought a violin for one member, gave $320,000 to another, and obtained immense amounts of Viagra for two more. Salt Lake City also paid $17,000 worth of tuition bills at the University of Southern Mississippi for the son of a Sudanese general, Zein El Abdin M.A. Abdel Gadir, an I.O.C. member, and sent a $1,000-a-month stipend to a bank account in London for the general’s daughter—who does not exist but whose name appears to be an abbreviation of the general’s own. Just before his expulsion from the I.O.C., General Gadir said, “It never occurred to me that there was the slightest link between this ... and the bidding of Salt Lake.”


FrankS said...

Some suitable illustrations of Olympic folly can be found here.

cascadian said...

And all so the host country can lose money hand-over-fist.

G. Tingey said...

Only just noticed, have we?
The main stadium id 4km directlt SOuth of my home.
I've been predicting disaster since day zero - especially with the "terroism" so-called threat.

It is fascist (Look up J. A. Samaranch - best mates with Coe) corrupt, foreign [Coka-Cola/Macdonalds etc] coprate greed and impostion.

But EVERYONE LURVES the "O" and no dissention is allowed - at all.
Except, occasionally in the blogoshpere.

Anonymous said...

I shall be brushing up on my Latin and German, the TV switched off for two weeks and between lots of hard graft, some revitalising learning to do.
No Olympics and no reports of failure/ecstasy/boredom.

Singalong a sixpence said...

As Nat King Cole observed many years ago - "It's all in the game"....

G. Tingey said...

For more disgraceful "O" rip offs, see:
And the entry dated for 15th May