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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Berlaymont carpetbaggers rewire Spain

El Pais reports the arrival of the Brussels carpetbaggers in Madrid in advance of the transfer of up to €62bn of EU funds to save the Spanish banks. In a further ratings downgrade by Moody's the Spanish banks, including Santander, now hover at ratings just above junk status. The paper reports that the 'missions' in Madrid of the Commission, the ECB, Eurostat and the EBA are playing an increasing role in managing Spain's tax and budget, with a commensurate loss of sovereignty. The role of the EU institutions is likely to be made more explicit in advance of the financial transfer, timetabled for 9th July. The demands of the EU missions, says El Pais, to the Ministry of the Economy and the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) are becoming increasingly frequent, including calls for changes in VAT and the production of six-monthly budget statements. 

One of the most controversial requirements of the Berlaymont carpetbaggers is to reverse the autonomy enjoyed by Spain's Autonomous Communities, or regions. Running their own schools, healthcare, universities, welfare services, economic development and other services, the ACs are responsible for some 38% of public spending against a central government spend of just 18% (with local councils spending another 13% and the social security system the rest). The Commission has called for the dismantling of the autonomous offices (or 'embassies') maintained by each of the regions in Brussels and is pushing the Spanish government to establish more direct control over them, allowing the commission a direct role in their economic governance and in re-formulating Spain's tax system. Brussels wants the ACs to have the same obligation to follow the bailout conditions as Madrid.

With a right to self-government established by Spain's 1978 constitution, the ACs employ 50% of Spain's public servants, with a further 24% employed by city councils and provincial diputaciones. 

This is the real meaning of 'closer fiscal union' - not only the re-writing of national budgets by Brussels, but the closing down of local autonomy in the subject territories of the Commission. Like everything to come out of the Berlaymont, it is profoundly anti-democratic and makes conflict and bloodshed in Europe more likely rather than less. 


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know whether those "autonomous" zones are in possession of a full set of teeth, and are they likely to bite should they be threatened…

Or are they like the Spanish "federal" government that seems to think that the EU is the be all and end all.

DeeDee99 said...


So how does this latest demand from the EU square with its long-standing policy of European regionalisation.

The EU wanted devolved, regional governments - so it could divide and therefore more easily rule the nations which make up its membership. Hence Scottish, Welsh and NI parliaments - but not one for England which was to be split into 7 regions.

Are they now realising that this adds more layers of bureaucracy, costs more and - unforeseen - makes it even harder for them to dictate policy.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the quiet clattering of rifles being stock-piled in the rifle stores. Chink-clink-clink, go the grenades into the wooden boxes. Snap-click, snap-click, snap-click goes the bullets into the bandoleres. Local farmers are allowing their (nearly) empty fertiliser drums to taken away at the dead of night....

Tha Catalanes and the Basques are gonna love this one!

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

If true, it is just more manipulation.
To reduce "National" governments to the staus of County Councils.
I suspect that the SPanish regions, especially the Basques & Catalans will not react well to this.
You could easily see ETA reviving, but targetting Brussels, instead.

As I forsee the IRA doing the same, if this goes on .....

Anonymous said...

You could easily see ETA reviving, but targetting Brussels, instead.

As I forsee the IRA doing the same, if this goes on .....

And I can imagine these organisations gaining huge support if they do. Is Europe about to start a guerrilla against the EU?

Anonymous said...


Yes it wants devolved regional governments, but it doesn't want them to be led by people that think they know what is right for their region, they want them to be run by their fellow gravy train riders.

The point is to apply the "right kind" of corporate (fascist) pressure by your placemen, in order to make the area completely toothless and obedient to the centre.

Anonymous said...

Yes the EU wants a 'cantonisation' of Britain believing it to be the best way of bringing the Brits to heel, the control will all be from Brussels however.
Spain, is not a nation, it is a geographical entity but not a united people, the EU goes against the grain at their own risk - bring it on.
This is mission creep by stealth, the technocrats now have Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece under their direct control.............oh and Britain of course.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck are the IRA going to murder this time...more Protestants in Northern Ireland?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above…

The IRA was traditionally, apart from being a separatist (from the UK) organisation, a socialist party, and they are usually the lone (or more properly Sinn Fein) anti-EU contingent in Ireland.

I mean… What is the point of fighting for self determination, and then handing that hard won freedom to another oppressor immediately afterwards?

I always find it odd, that for all the posturing by Irish people about 800 years of oppression by England, do not notice the irony of entering into an oppressive arrangement with a foreign nation…. ?

Apart of course from the IRA, who are at least consistent, even if they are from the loony left and have a tendency to be a bit arsey.

Nick Drew said...

didn't I read somewhere that when it comes to central eurozone budget planning they will also insist on reining back the powers of the French President to rule by decree ?


G. Tingey said...


No, or at least partially-no!
The IRA were predominantly a Catholic organisation.
The so-calle "socialism" came later.
Now, of course, the penny has dropped regarding the Catholic church in Ireland .....
There are a few still hugging n-hundred years of supposed victimhood to themsleves, but.
Look at what is happening today.
McGuiness is actually inside the W European tradition: "The War is OVER, we've signed a TREATY, drop it!" is his message.
( I never thought I'd say that, either )
But, the further-sighted can see what's coming down the road next, and are re-aligning themseleves.
Same as the vile Salmond's desire for a "completely independant Scotland inside the EU, using the Euro" is beginning to look a little shabby. I note that he is desperately trying to weasel out of that, now. I do hope he fails, nasty little puritan creep that he and his party are.