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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lying Barclays Scum belong in Jail

The lying scum from Barclays who have been found culpable of serious manipulation of the LIBOR market belong in Jail. For many highly technical reasons, it appears that what they did was not actually a crime in the UK - so the FSA have fined the bank £290m instead. The bank will, of course, recover this from all its UK account holders rather than charge shareholders - so any Barclays customers, be prepared for some inventive extra charges from the Bank that likes to Lie.

Fortunately, their actions can be classed as criminal in the United States, and I am today writing to the US Ambassador encouraging that nation to charge and extradite all the devious, dishonest, chiselling, crooked bankers involved in this scam; twenty years jail time in a Federal Prison is about just punishment for what they did. This is one time the fast track extradition process will actually assist in ridding the UK of this bent cesspit of shite.


DeeDee99 said...

Much as I disagree with the US/UK Extradition Treaty being used for this kind of action (it was supposed to deal with terrorism) - I'd like to see Bob Diamond hauled up in front of a court.

His comment that the time for blaming bankers is over did it for me. The time will be over when WE say so: and when some of the money we have bailed them out with has been returned.

Gareth said...

The FSA have been investigating this since 2009 if I have understood their report (pdf). When did Bob Diamond take charge of Barclays?

I would guess that the same sort of wire fraud charges the Natwest 3 were done for could apply.

Atto said...

More arrogance and criminality from the likes of Diamond , to match Mr Fred Goodwin et al. No Government has yet shown its metal and done the right thing and found ways to put Bankers behind bars. Their failure to Govern will one day lead to retaliation by the real losers in all of this, the honest tax payers.

Nick Drew said...

Quite coincidentally I found myself musing over gaol for banksters this morning prior to the Barclays story

recall: Jeff Skilling of Enron is serving 24 years 4 months in gaol (with fine of $45 million for good measure) - for misleading investors

that's the kind of retribution that concentrates the white-collar criminal mind wonderfully

Anonymous said...

The banks were lightly [sic] regulated by the FSA; and who is at the head of the FSA, the Government. So while Brown and Blair shout at those nasty bankers, they are all the time shit-scared that one day soon, the truth will out.

Step into the dock please Grodon Brown...

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

In 2008 when Barclays was buying Lehmans (which had credit lines open with Morgan Stanley), John Mack and Bob Diamond met across the table in New York.

Diamond, opening the meeting, drawled: “I’ve been having a tough time on Wall Street - maybe it’s because I’m an American running a British bank.”

“Nah” quipped Mack, “It’s because of your personality.”

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this surprising when the responsibility for regulating the banks was removed from the one institution that really understood how to regulate banks - the Bank of England.

The blame for this lies fairly at the door of No.11 Downing Street circa 1997. Removing banking regulation from the BofE and creating a new organisation (the FSA) in order to provide jobs for his mates, is simply the worst thing Brown ever did.

anon 2 said...

twenty years jail time in a Federal Prison is about just punishment for what they did.

You mean they have Federal Prisons already? What they do... re-open Belsen etc?