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Thursday, 5 July 2012

If only we treated Brown and Blair as the Kermits do

Sarkozy's immunity having disappeared last month with the lost election, he was forced to flee to Canada yesterday in advance of elite French anti-corruption police raiding his Paris home. One day he's walking red carpets and dwarfed by the marble columns of the Elysee as dismounted cavalry snap their sabres to the salute, the next he's looking at the prospect of a 9' x 9' cell with a hole in the floor for a WC and running for his freedom. No doubt Cameron would be delighted to effect his swift extradition from the UK should he stop-off here, remembering the little man's Euro-snub.

If we did the same, Blair would be sheltering in Sharm El Sheikh not as an envoy but on the run from cops investigating cash-for-honours, and Brown's criminal economic incompetence would see McPlod booting down the door of the dour Manse in which he's taken root. As in so many things, the French have the edge when it comes to the proper regard to be paid to those who have served the nation corruptly or with malfeasance.


Anonymous said...

If only. But as you have yourself said before, their is little difference between our political players and therefore they all think alike, act alike and are as corrupt as each other.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Never forgetting "dame" Shirley, who still owes 30 million + ?

Anonymous said...

"Never forgetting "dame" Shirley,"

But err, she has fled the UK.

With Blair we simply need to revoke the tax paid security detail, our enemies would do the rest for us.

Anonymous said...

One thing that concentrates and "sharpens" the mind of French politicians, is the guillotone.

It wasn't that long ago, in the sixties, when deGaulle himself had to flee France.


Anonymous said...

If past record is anything to go by, Gordon would be holed up in Cape Cod.

Anonymous said...

"But err, she has fled the UK"

No, she removed herself when ordered to repay 30 million after the gerrymandering incident.
She is now back, and the conservative council involved paid 12 million of the 30.

White Dragon said...

I sometimes wonder would have happened if the mad and dangerous wrecker Gordon Brown had lived in Romania. Remember the fate of Nicholae Ceausescu?