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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Osborne as pointless as Brown

Osborne has become a drug on the nation and the economy and his singular incompetence in formulating Conservative election policy has left that party bereft of ideology, haemorraging voters to UKIP and with a deeply split parliamentary party. He is no better than Gordon Brown, and must go. He has no redeeming virtues or talent; his economic incompetence is equal to his policy maladroitness. Like Brown, he is also utterly incapable of connecting with voters on a personal basis; Brown's rictus faked grin and Osborne's twisted fake smiley face are as transparent as glass to the public. He carries a look of furtive guilt with him as though discovered by an aunt in adolescent practices, has all the gravitas of Helium in the chamber, speaks with the sincerity of Bernie Madoff and displays all the intellectual calibre of a modern Malvolio. This silly little rich boy would be better placed selling the family firm's overpriced wallpaper to the dowagers of Chelsea than running the Treasury of this United Kingdom.

Northern European GDP is growing and economies are strengthening; Germany, Scandinavia - even Ireland is managing 2.4% growth, all apart from the UK. Will no-one rid us of this pointless excrescence and replace him with someone capable?


Cascadian said...

The budget of any large organization that has been operational more than five years, (like the government) have multiple opportunities for budget cuts.

Any reasonable manager could cut his departments budget 5% tomorrow with very little pain. In two years with mainly attrition (no redundancies) he should be able to cut up to 10%. This tells me that current management(civil service) is incompetent, the board (the prime minister, minister and senior civil servants) are out-of-touch and need replacement.

The problem is not just georgie, there is a very entrenched mind-set that budgets can only go in one direction, forever upwards. After two years of operation it is very obvious that the message from the board has been ignored, time for serious repercussions across all ministries.

Anonymous said...

Long ago, Georgie averred how happy he was about New Labour's expenditure and tax and waste policies - his card was marked by many.
Not least, by Simon Heffer and Jeff Randall - who inwardly cringed everytime it was heard this oft stated Tory position - "happy to share the proceeds of growth"
Then, stout party and the Brown house of waste 2008 - caved in.
And the economy went into cold freeze. George, really had to earn his corn - now two and a bit years on - to call his fiscal and monetary strategy 'clueless' would be described as being kind.
What we need is imagination not more QE.
Printing money, is an obscenity of wilfully shafting people's lives, savings and pensions.
QE, an utter nonsense, of profligate and intellectual incontinence and posited by a gormless boy [Historian if you please] way out of his depth.

Brown's PFI idiocy hangs over the NHS but the Tories will get the blame - the economy is flat lining - our energy costs.....will kill us all off............
See here.

"The analysis also shows that the government's approach to climate change policies is pushing UK energy prices above those in Germany and that the gap is set to widen further in 2013 when it introduces the unilateral Carbon Price Floor.

According to the analysis (1) UK energy prices for energy-intensive manufacturers were approximately 10% higher than Germany in 2010 and will be 15% higher by 2013. Currently, the fact that Germany’s most energy intensive industries receive a 98.5% rebate on the country’s renewable energy levy while their UK equivalents receive no relief is responsible for a large part of the difference in prices."

That is just the Germans, with the energy costs of USA, China and India way below the Germans - we're royally f***ed.

Osborne could do something - bin the CCA, say stuff to the yellow Trots and try some much needed supply side economic strategy to kick start the economy - it would work - all he needs to do is to formulate some real cuts in the bloated state sector.
Quangos and central government subsidy to councils - a great place to commence real retrenchment.
Next, that he could go to the foreign aid budget and rein in all monies to the EU - it can be done.
Then, he could go after the welfare bonanza.
But no!
He prefers to do what he is good at and what his aunt once used to catch him at........... .

btw it's July 14th - we celebrate Waterloo, Trafalgar, Blenheim and Crecy and many others.

Anonymous said...

If you think it's bad now, wait until 2015 when the British electorate vote for the other set of Socialist eejits, mind you - there might not be a 'Britain' by 2015.

Anonymous said...

The PFI scam was started and operated by the Conservative government in 1992.
Giving the company providers long contracts with onerous "buy-out" provisions guaranteed their longevity.
As for the "quantative easing" scam.....let me see....the Bank of England, owned by the government, pays the Treasury, part of government, £325 (+-) billion to buy government you owe yourself one pound, so you pay your debt to yourself by giving yourself one pound. In other words, you are worse off by a quid, AND better off by a quid.
Three cups. Every one has a pea under it. And people do not think.
The government is making the pips squeak (us) by removing our "benefits" (which we, and others in the past and future have/will pay for)....keep your eye on the cups, what is the largest government cost. Salaries and pensions of its employees. How have they been reduced ?
They have not.
Short-term employment (temps) have been ended. Part-time employees have become no-time-ex-employees.
What about all those "agencies" that have been closed.
Well....they have been closed. but their staff have just moved to another. their heads have been "terminated" with extremely good pay-offs, and got other jobs in the same organisation.

DeeDee99 said...

With very few exceptions, Cameron has selected inexperienced and incompetent people to be in the Government - particularly The Treasury.

I know he is hamstrung (through his own stupidity) with the LibDems, but really - Osborne and Chloe Smith for the Tories! One is inexperienced, incompetent but fairly personal. The other is inexperienced, incompetent and as politically 'attractive' as Neil Kinnock (another man who vastly over-rated his own talents).

Whatever economic talent the Conservatives possess is languishing on the back-benches whilst Osborne fcuk's up the economy and the Conservative's chances of winning the next GE. With Cameron advocating EU membership and kicking a possible In or Not Quite So In Referendum into the long grass, they don't stand a chance in 2015.

Looks like we're going to get another dose of UK-destroying Labour before real Conservatives wake up and get rid of their liabilities in the Cabinet

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but it's time for Ken Clarke...

He may be wrong on the Eu but he's by far the best chancellor this country has had in the last 50 yaers...

Anonymous said...

I'll just say a few things about the 2015 election.
Electoral boundary redrawing.
Scottish independence.

The first, done properly, could give the Conservatives another 40-60 seats.
The second, done anyway, could lose Labour 41 seats.

Do the math.

Yes, Osborn is as competent as a toilet seat, and just as cold.
But, as with any puppet, you have to follow the strings.
The GENERAL economy is not growing, and may be contracting.
But that matters only for the little people.
The big people could make money in a bloodbath.
At the end of the strings are Big People.

Michael said...

"Looks like we're going to get another dose of UK-destroying Labour before real Conservatives wake up and get rid of their liabilities in the Cabinet "

Ooooh no Deedee, UKIP next time - without fail!

Tories? Paaaaah - and that's after 45 years.

Anonymous said...

pea brain anon'14 July 2012 08:38

Did Wallace Miliband, tell you to say that?

Budgie said...

The Dave'n'Ozzie show is nearly over, thank God. Not quite as bad as Bruin but too close for comfort.

They cut things they should not have, and left in place, or increased spending, on things that should have been cut or eliminated.

The EU, quangos, DfID, the BBC should all have been given their marching orders.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 14 July 2012 20:32

And it is wrong how ?
The government did not give the banks money, they purchased government bonds back from the banks. The net cost of the bonds was the same as the original sale price, plus the term interest.
Your trouble is your inability to think anything other than politics.
Maybe you consider we should have ended PFI ?
At a cost of nearly one trillion pounds (those pesky contracts again)
Leave the EU ?
Yes...but none of the parties want that. Even UKIP don't REALLY want that, since that would leave Nige with no stage.
Renegotiate ?
Not possible WITHOUT first notifying the EU that we wish to leave, which NO party wants.
So, the show rumbles on...