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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sleazy bastards are back

Whittingdale and Davies, two of the four sleazy MPs who have thrust their snouts into the hands of BT's corporate Olympic hospitality, must be eager for their two colleagues to emerge from shamed hiding to share the flak. Perhaps they may even at this stage forgo the chance of champagne and vol-au-vents and being schmoozed by slick PR girls, blonds with clingy and expensive cashmere woollen dresses and decent legs who come ready-made from some PR factory in Hampshire; perhaps they may raffle the tickets amongst their constituents to allow the Chairman of BT to greet Mabel from the local care home or Bob who runs the off-licence, but I doubt it. They will brazen it out, dripping with the stinking ordure of public opprobrium fouling their best suits as they leer at the PR girls.


Edward Spalton said...

I am surprised at Philip Davies's apparent lapse of judgement. He is one of the very few MPs who are utterly sound and consistent in rejecting the European Union and advocating independence - no messing and no equivocation and no trimming of his sails to keep the road to promotion open.

That has been his stance from the beginning. A few years back, some of us were worried that he would get himself deselected by his outspokenness and we would lose one of our best hopes.

"I would sooner sit in one parliament with a good conscience than have a career here with a bad one" he said.

joe said...

Well spotted! I don't know Davies, but Whittingdale has serious form. See .

Joe Richardson

P R Gal said...

Oi! So what's wrong with leering as us? We get paid good money to get leered at you know..

anon 2 said...

PR Female... Well if you're daft enough to sweat into cashmere at this time of year, and they're daft enough to leer, I guess you deserve each other.

I just wish you'd all get out of my vista.

Martin said...

According to the BBC these tickets are worth £400 - £500 each. I trust that they will be taxed accordingly by HMRC :)