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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Spanish practices

With Spain having to find a further €65bn of spending cuts, I wonder whether innovative answers to unemployment there such as turning the unemployed into cab drivers will be curtailed? If you have ever been to Barcelona airport you cannot fail to remark the hundreds of cabs queued there, many of whom will spend the entire day at the airport without getting a single job. Every half hour or so the queue starts up, moves forward twenty metres, then settles back again. Still, I suppose it helps the comrades in the auto factory. 


Anonymous said...

Don't the black cabs at Heathrow do this as well?

Raedwald said...

Maybe a couple of dozen - not hundreds!

Blue Eyes said...

Except if your SleazyJet flight arrives late! There were no taxis waiting for us then!

There were an awful lot of British voices muttering "no wonder their economy is f&&&ed!".

Anonymous said...

Something jumped off the picture for me. No, it wasn't the rows of cabs, it was the bright blue sky and sunshine.

Back here in blighty, not only is our economic climate crap, but so to is our political climate; and to heap misery on top of insult, our meteorological climate is feckin crap as well. At least a trip to Spain fixes one of those aspects.

Get me a flight out of here to anywhere in the sunshine! Pleeeeeze!

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Surely if a cab driver doesn't get any hires, he doesn't make any money.

So how does this help anyone - or are they guaranteed a wage by the State or something?

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Anonymous said...

"So how does this help anyone - or are they guaranteed a wage by the State or something?"

They're on self-employed workfare.
A bit like in the UK.
gets 'em off the books, and after being self-employed they'll not get back on them for years.