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Monday, 16 July 2012

Who will slip the quietus to the LibDems?

Nowhere is the inward-looking self-interested selfishness of the political class demonstrated more effectively than in the whining of the LibDems over constituency reform. Constituency reform is essential if this nation is to maintain the standards of democracy expected of developed nations; as Michael Pinto-Duschinsky has said, the current deviations from the EQ (electoral quotient) in many constituencies are beyond third world standards. We have drifted back to those Rotten Boroughs that the original Chartists - true liberals - fought so stubbornly to abolish. The Parties need to say "Well, it's going to hurt, but we'll have to take it on the chin for the good of the Nation". Instead we get this long dribbly whine from the LibDems coupled with a demand for Lords reform to 'make up' for their losses from democratic reform. 

Listen, you power-hungry little prats. You have no constitutional right to have any place in British politics, you have no moral right to steal my taxes to keep your sordid little club afloat, and you have no legal right to demand the fulfilment of any 'deal' done with any other private club. Constituency reform is necessary for reasons of fairness, equity and democratic health; Lords reform that is intended solely to secure power and privilege for your own terminally-ill Party is corrupt, anti-democratic and flies in the face of every true liberal tenet. There is no equivalence. One is right, the other is profoundly wrong.

With national membership now probably below the key 50k level, dismal electoral propects that put the Party in many cases below UKIP, empty coffers and a party HQ no longer sustained by £1.7m a year of 'Short' opposition money, with little hope of resurgence, it's really time that someone slipped the sharp blade of the Quietus into the dying heart of this political remnant.


Anonymous said...

Just a question, but do you not think that the LibDim party is a similar construct to those that have taken over in Italy and Greece...

With (the currently discredited) Huhne and Clegg being flown in from Brussels to try to create what the bureaucracy see as a friendly government. I mean these two do not seem to fit the profile of your average lentil eating LibDim, they seem more like your Mario Monti... And no doubt, they will fly back to the heart of the beast before long.

Edward Spalton said...

Hello Raedwald,

Your blogging colleague, Richard North, (of Eureferendum fame and co-author with Christopher Booker of "The Great Deception") has the idea of starting a modern Chartist movement. I attended the meeting on Saturday and very stimulating and refreshing it was too.

Perhaps rather a strange place for me to be, as a temperamentally Church & Crown Tory (who has had to leave both the C of E and Conservative party to retain any principles). My ancestors were mostly the sort of tenant farmers, who turned out with the yeomanry to keep order against such seditious Chartist radicalism. But I think the times now demand it, as our ancient institutions are so corrupted.

Raedwald said...

Edward - Yes, I'm following Richard's blog and will publicise the debate he's proposing on here.

Anonymous said...

I never really cottoned on to, what the Lib dems actually stood for [or cared much].

Mad, bad and not so dangerous but the Pinko Blue-Labour-Cameroons had other ideas.

BS but, other than their 'members' [how apt] fulfilling some sort of self aggrandizing niche on the far left lunatic Trot' fringe oh and by-the-way definitely ultra-watermelon.
What a set of members how they so deserve each other - one can't help feeling the Kommissars of Berlaymont did stitch up the British electorate - a perfect match and so pro EU [Davide and Nicolas].

G. Tingey said...

Your wonderful rant applies EQUALLY to the tories & Labour, doesn't it?

The entrenched vested interests of the two larger parties make me want to vomit, quite frankly.

DeeDee99 said...

Raedwald - I agree entirely and I hope the British electorate does the deed swiftly and cleanly in 2015. They must be destroyed.

The LibLabCOn itself needs at least dismantling, if not destroying. I support UKIP because I see that as the only way of breaking their consensus politics and also the only route out of the EU.

But I wish the new Chartist movement well and will follow its development. Good luck.

plantman said...

The LibDems are the true nasty party as anyone who has ever been involved in fighting an election with them will know. They carry hypocrisy and the self delusion of their righteousness to levels way beyond the socialists - and that's saying something!

Anonymous said...

The name of their party has always baffled me, as they are neither Liberals (in the classic sense), or Democratic.

They should rename their party to "Authoritarian Wankers"

Edward Spalton said...

to themanwithmanychins

A Good suggestion in the interests of transparency. Perhaps Authoritarian Federasts might be more polite.

What would you suggest for the Conservatives (who can't and won't conserve anything) and

Labour ("intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich" and not by honest toil)

outsider said...

Tou ignore the positive case for returning to Rotten Boroughs. If Dunwich had its two MPs back, they would undoubtedly be UKIP and the countryside generally would have a much bigger voice.

Anonymous said...

OpenID themanwithmanychins said...

The name of their party has always baffled me, as they are neither Liberals (in the classic sense), or Democratic.

They should rename their party to "Authoritarian Wankers"

16 July 2012 09:53

Wonderful, succinct too.

Tory = contrariety.
Labour? - it's, only for the serfs dahling.

Unknown said...

Dear Raedwald

How about a bit more civility? If anyone's to be called "power-hungry prats" it should be those who think that equalizing constituency electorates does anything for "fairness, equity and democratic health".

The proposed changes would significantly damage the connection between MPs and natural constituencies - for example for the first time cutting across the Devon-Cornwall border.
At the same time they would make our already grossly disproportional system even less proportional, as the last column of this table shows.

Party %vote %seats %seats_review
Con 36.1 47.1 48.5
Lab 29.0 39.7 40.0
LD 23.0 8.8 7.2
UKIP 3.1 0 0
Green 1.0 0.2 0
other 8.8 4.2 4.3