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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Do MPs need to talk to their wives at our expense?

One wonders how Jeremy Hunt courted his Mandarin Chinese wife if he didn't speak a word of the language, but hey! Never mind! being an MP he simply charged the £3,000 cost of mandarin Chinese lessons to the taxpayer.

Likewise Nick Boles, who's taken up with a Hebrew gentleman called Shay Meshulam. In order that they can make conversation at the breakfast table, you'll be pleased to hear we've paid nearly seven hundred quid for Nick to learn Hebrew.

But for any bachelor MPs thumbing the pages of their foreign brides / boys catalogues and wondering how quickly they can pick up Latvian, Hungarian or Thai at our expense, could I perhaps advise that if you're marrying someone whose language you can't speak you either live with it or pay for the bloody lessons yourself?


Ian Hills said...

Wonder how much we paid Mandy to get to know Renaldo's tongue...?

Anonymous said...

I've just written to my MP to seek his approval for claiming £17,000 so I can speak to my wife. We've been married for 27 years but I still don't bloody understand her!

Anoneumouse said...

HeBrew, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth