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Friday, 10 August 2012

Exploding barbies and absconding athletes

The various national 'houses' temporarily set up in London by competing Olympic nations to showcase their home nations are certainly making an impact. The New Zealand house was unfortunately destroyed early on by an exploding barbecue, leaving the Kiwis with feathers both ruffled and singed. And now, perhaps predictably, Africa House in Kensington Gardens has closed due to unpaid bills. Heads of African Olympic committees are urgently mounting an email appeal ("Beloved Dear Sir, I am acting for the Head of the Nigerian Olympic Committee ..."). The Greeks, not to be left out, have set up The House of Hellenes in the Carlton Club, attracting large numbers of (ultimately confused and disappointed) IOC members from nearby hotels after dark and in sunglasses.

Meanwhile organisers of the closing ceremony are adjusting split-second timings for the athletes' march-past to account for a number of absconded athletes, including practically the entire Cameroon team.

Plus ca change ...


Anon 2 said...

In short: it's a bad business.

Meanwhile, dread of the closing ceremony increases.....

Anonymous said...

Are there any gold medals to be given to those Eastern European babes who are lying back in hotels and 'saunas' across London 'doing it' for England? What a service those girls have and plenty of Albanian rackets as well.

DeeDee99 said...


I don't think for one second that they are 'doing it' for England.

England isn't permitted to exist for a start; if anything they'd be doing it for the UK. But even that's incorrect - they're doing it for the greater good of Eastern European criminal gangs who have simply made London their base.

Just one more 'benefit' of being in the EU.

I think BoJo should get a gold medal for successfully exploiting every single self-promoting opportunity available. Perhaps a trifle unfair as he had such an advantage being Mayor of London, but that doesn't explain it all .... could you really see Ken Livingslime managing the same feat (or Cameron come to that).

The only other politician who could come close is Farage because he, like BoJo, is a populist.