Thursday, 9 August 2012

Filling stations to banned from selling alcohol

Just back from my latest trip to Poland and the bar-chat is around the proposed ban on filling stations selling alcohol. The ban is a major matter; they say; many rely on alcohol sales to subsidise the fuel price, and the industry is warning of price increases to cover fixed costs.  

We're not talking about an overpriced bottle of indifferent red to go with the wilted flowers here; Alkohole skleps here are frequently 24 hour a day conveniences, satisfying a deep need in the Polish psyche to be able to get a litre of vodka at 3am on the motorway. The vodka tradition here is alive and well, though I suspect a lot more hidden now. The train conductor who needs to calm his stress after an argument, the office worker at 8am facing an unpleasant day, the bored housewife or just a general all-day pick-me-up. The EU has been blamed for the demise of a small Polish bottle size (whose name I can scarce remember let alone pronounce) somewhere between a miniature and 500cl that was apparently just perfect for all those little 'vodka moments', but enterprising manufacturers are now said to be making the half-litre bottles in a variety of shapes guaranteed to fit discreetly into a pocket. And with the excuse that I was neither working nor driving, I have to say that a couple of 100cl shots of Bisongrass with your morning coffee certainly add a little something to the joys of Flemish renaissance architecture.

See comments. For 500cl read 50cl and for 100cl read 10cl. For Flemish read Florentine. So many errors in such a short piece. Sigh. 


Corkhead said...

Blimey O'Reilly! I take my hat off to anyone that can casually refer to "a couple of 100cl shots of Bisongrass" with his morning coffee. I'm frankly surpised you could see anything after that lot, much less appreciate the joys of local architecture (of a non-medical nature)!

Raedwald said...

Um, I probably mean 10cl don't I? never could get the hang of stuff not measured in gills.

hatfield girl said...

I've just downed 50 cl of cold Pitigliano with my lunch (got to stay reasonably clear-eyed for the shooting stars tonight) and now I'm going to have a lie-down.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a vodka moment, every two weeks and once a year in Kefalonia or, somewhere in the Ionian sea - I had to give them up.

ex-Muscovite said...

In Moscow in the 1960s we used to drink vodka with champers chasers in one of the two night clubs allowed there. We all stayed quite sober until we went out at closing time into the sub zero winter nights - when the alco really went 'pop'!

G. Tingey said...

I'm a Schnapps man, myself - & Island-&-W.Coast whiskies, of course.