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Monday, 6 August 2012

The poison of socialism was behind last Summer's riots

Well-meaning but fatuous fools such as Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett writing in the Guardian this morning remain fixated on a mythical 'inequality' as the cause of last year's riots; at a time when we are celebrating inequality, when inequality has put the UK third in the Olympic medals table, they remain unable to accept that one man or woman may be able to run faster, play tennis better or cast P&L accounts more accurately than another. OK, accountancy is not an Olympic event but you take my point. The fact that our athletes have managed to overcome decades of socialist imposed 'equality' under which no child was allowed to win a race in case it upset the others, in which the talented were handicapped and restrained so not to expose the talentless and indolent, speaks volumes about the triumph of the natural human instinct to compete and excel.

If last Summer's riots were caused by anything other than avarice and opportunism, it was the legacy of decades of socialist social engineering that destroyed local and intermediate institutions in favour of a central State, destroyed the inherent authority of the family, undermined all the virtues in favour of a corrosive moral relativism, promoted instant gratification and created in the talentless, the indolent, the stupid and the feckless the illusion that they were entitled to the same material rewards as their opposites. The riots were caused, in other words, by exactly the sort of well-meaning stupidity evinced by Wilkinson and Pickett. 

And as we enter the final week of an international celebration of human inequality, when we watch transfixed at the results of determination, dedication, sacrifice, tenacity, discipline and deferred gratification on track, field and water, let's thank Hella that it's not being run by Wilkinson and Pickett and their gold-medals-for-all vacuity.  


Tom said...

Many of the athletes haven't overcome Socialism. Their parents have by sending them to private schools. Imagine where we would be both in the medals table and in things that actually matter if 93% of our population was not "educated" by hostile to competitive achievement Socialists in crappy state schools. The waste of human potential is a national disgrace and sport is the very least of it.

Left back (behind the goal line) said...

My observation is that most EPL footballers were "educated" in state schools - yet they are worth millions of pounds.

So where did the rest of us go wrong?

Anonymous said...

I dunno Raedwald, it's not a bad report for an American soul singer with a limited knowledge of the reality!

Wilson Pickett you say?


Oldrightie said...

Hits the spot as ever Raedwald. As for footballers, their self interest was on display again at the Olympics. Mostly spoilt brats, more interested in their brothers' wives than sporting excellence.

BulloPill said...

Nail, head, hit etc.

The Guardianistas including that Miller twat don't really want the only true equality that could possibly exist, which is equality of opportunity.

They want the kind of equality that gives them equal access to the pockets of the plebs who "need" superior minds like theirs to arrange their lives.

We may not be under the yoke of an ancestral/feudal nobility as people were 100 years ago or more, but we're sure under the yoke of a nu-labourstocracy (which includes Cameron & pals) that has pervaded every aspect of life and is doing its level best to fuck it up.

Elby the Beserk said...

The BBC and The Guardian have, it would seem, declared the past month "Whatever happened to the poor deprived rioters" month. Endless interviews with poor helpless rioters as they leave prison realising they have quite possible destroyed the rest of their lives. Wails of grief for communities who, as one local councillor, during the riots and enraged by a Beeber banging on about deprivation in the area, pointed out that millions had been spent there, all sorts of facilities provided, and it HADN'T MADE A BLIND BIT OF DIFFERENCE.

I'm still struggling to find the articles on those who lost their business, homes, or nearly lost their lives.

Nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

BBC Radio 4 apparatchik queries Pickles this mornong about 'excluded' minorities who live around the Olympic Park!?! What about the other fourteen-fifteenths of the country who ain't got nuffink either, I thought.

Bar one every national newspaper today has the Jamaican Usain Bolt on page one? What about Ben Ainsley, who also won gold, making him the greatest Olympic sailor in history. The simple answer is he's English and as we all know the media don't do English.

Old Whitey is obsolete - don't believe me then take a good hard look at your kids school books.


Anon 2 said...

Yes, Anonymous @ 4:44 --- but I say 'twas ever about race, which precedes the economics Marx/Engels theorised about. What marxists and foreigners still don't recognise is that the aristos were franco-germans, just like themselves! The "class" structure was set up by them.

So modern commies have merely perpetuated and exacerbated the scenario in which indigenous Anglo-Saxon-Brits are enslaved by colonizers... Invaders who, by definition, take all property from us, and then tax us on what we earn. That's why we always have despised them.. and those of us they have corrupted

Socio-economic stratification is consequently imposed by them, not us. They're just too thick, rapacious, and dishonest to recognise it. Can't distinguish Right and Left hands, don't you know.

Anonymous said...

The EU likes gambling.

After all Monoco would be out of business!

Anonymous said...

Socialism is for losers!

banned said...

And then there is Health & Safety which results in there being only 100 public diving boards still in place so where will the next Tom Daley come from?

Anonymous said...

Health and safety has nothing to do with that.
Blame local council jobworths and a parasitic legal system.
Not forgetting the endless maintenance and repair costs, and also staffing costs. Health and safety restrictions are not the reason, they're the excuse.

G. Tingey said...

Actually caused by two much more basic impulses.

Greed & pure criminality.

The latter first - film of the "riots" showed, amongst other things, a determined attempt by a local gang (all "blacked-up" in dark clothing and hoods) trying to trash & fire the Bartons Arms in Brum - presumably because said magificent boozer had told these crroked scrotes to eff off somewhere else, and their ├╝ber-capitalist free-market drug-dealing wasn't wanted there.

Secondly, when the whole country (indeed the planet) is shown what greed cab get you, as say a banker, or member of the IOC, it is small wonder that low-lives from the slums want some of the action as well, and feel "entitled" to shop-loads of goodies.

James Higham said...

I agree with Old Righty here.