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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Will Labour also fight for electoral corruption?

Clegg has revealed himself as unashamedly corrupt; in failing to gain support for Lords reform, a measure that would have aided his party rather than the interests of democracy, he has declared his support for rotten boroughs. These rotten boroughs are a disgrace, an offence, in a modern first-world democracy. The variation in the electoral quotient (EQ) between constituencies is not more than 3% in well regulated democracies; Cameron's proposed variation of 5% is at the outside limit of most developed democracies. Currently, the variation in the EQ in the UK is off the scale - at third-world levels. Any politician who like Sir Patrick (now Baron Cormack) can say it's "Country, Constituency, Party. In that order" would recognise the urgency for constituency reform. To do otherwise is to declare to the nation that your interests are "Party, Constituency, Country. In that order." Clegg has declared this. His putting party before nation has destroyed any residual credibility onto which he may have clutched. And constituency reform is not all that's wrong.

Of the 45m registered electors in the UK, says Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, are 3m who shouldn't be there but are, and 3m who should be there but aren't. Labour's pre-occupation is with the latter - presumed to be transients, students, immigrants and other 'natural' Labour voters. This group will also include petty criminals and civil debtors not eager to be easily found, anarchists and extreme Libertarians and even those who have just given up on our flawed democracy. Of the 3m who shouldn't be on the roll, some will be genuine duplicate registrations. Many will be fraudulent, particularly in areas with large Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrant populations where electoral fraud is rife. Many will be from the army of Commonwealth overstayers who have settled illegally in the UK with minimal efforts at finding them being made. Labour is far less keen on measures to identify these 3m than measures to identify the 'missing' 3m - for purely Party reasons, of course. However, individual voter registration is underway - and, it is to be hoped, a combing-out of the worst of the inaccurate registers. This should be accompanied by a registration drive, to find the missing but willing. 

The question now is whether Labour will act in the interests of the nation, or in the interests of narrow Party advantage? The equalisation of constituencies is inarguable, and a potential huge electoral liability for Labour if that Party decides to support the rotten boroughs. Britain is in no mood for political self-interest.   


Anonymous said...

That's the problem with cuckoos Raedwald...

The stupid "host" bird treats the interloper as a perfectly acceptable child. It knows that it will leave once it has taken all that it needs, and is inexplicably
unperturbed by its presence.

Behind the scenes, Cameron just after the last general election: Anyway, at least the "election" went off OK, nothing strange there... Lots of nice new friends though... That nice Mr. Clegg seems to be just like me!

DeeDee99 said...

I think Miliband's decision will be partly based on how far ahead in the polls Labour is and how stable that lead is.

He may well decide that it is better to have the LibDems annhialated so Labour can suck up their votes than to keep the boundaries as they are and look like a gerrymanderer.

It'll still be 'Party before Country' of course (what else would you expect) but there is more than one way to skin a cat!

Anonymous said...

I think the question in the very near future will be a moot one.

With birth rates in inner cities, ie, Leeds rising by 2.27% last year alone, in eighteen short years the voting population won't be thinking blue/red/yellow but then - of course the religion of peace has no need of the ballot box.
See here.

G. Tingey said...

We need both Commons & Lords reform.
The commons boundaries must be re-drawn (though not necessarily as they are presently proposed)
The Lords must be made a truly Senatorial chamber, with powers.
The screaming of the entrenched vested interests in the commons, attempting to stop it is a dead give-away!

Raedwald said...
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Ancient+Tattered Airman said...

The stupid "host" bird treats the interloper as a perfectly acceptable child. It knows that it will leave once it has taken all that it needs:

Oh how I wish that were to be the case! Unfortunately they will stay and keep sponging from us while outbreeding us.

Anonymous said...

Why would it leave A+T person?