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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cameron's political obituaries - so soon?

Barely half way through his first (and perhaps last and only) term in office, both the Telegraph and the Mail carry political obituaries for Cameron. Dominic Sandbrook in the Mail writes
greatness never lies in shirking big challenges. Indeed, history tends to reward politicians who were courageous enough to take decisions and alienate people — statesmen such as the great Liberal prime ministers William Gladstone and David Lloyd George, and Labour’s Clement Attlee, as well as Mrs Thatcher herself. All of them, in their different ways, were radicals. All had a profound sense of mission and a determination to leave their mark on history.
While leaving blank any suggestion that Dave has any sense of mission whatsover. Damian Thompson in the Telegraph is far more explicit
There’s a third reason for Cameron’s failure to communicate. It’s not that he lacks a convincing narrative: so does every other leader in these chaotic times. It’s that he doesn’t really know why he wanted to be Prime Minister. I get the sense that he parked that internal discussion until after he’d got the job, and now he’s too preoccupied to address it. But address it he should, because the British electorate knows exactly what to do with prime ministers who lack a vocation. It kicks them out of office and then spends years mocking them.
Thompson scores a telling hit 
Whenever Cameron speaks, I feel that he’s talking to someone else. Indeed, I suspect that the whole country – irrespective of class, race, gender or sexuality – feels the same thing.
And this is the crux of it. Cameron has never learned the knack of talking to people rather than at them.  


Barnacle Bill said...

Until we get politicians who have had the grime of real hard work under their finger nails, they'll never speak the same language as us.

G. Tingey said...

Like W S Churchill, you mean?
A professional writer?

As for Raedwald's "vocation" point ... err ... ummm ..
Anthony Blair?
Now that nasty, crawling little christian creep has a vocation, doesn't he?

Perhaps you should have chosen your words more carefully?

TrT said...

Churchill can hardly be accused of compromise, the man was a driven tyrant.

Blair suffers from Camerons flaw, he had no idea what to do once he was PM, but he had no difficult challenge to deal with, he could simply drift for ten years and look effective

DeeDee99 said...

I am not against public schools or people spending their hard-earned money buying their children a good (ie private) education if they can afford it.

But going from Eton, to Oxford University and then straight into Party Politics won't give anyone the ability to talk to 'ordinary' people because they won't have come across many in their sheltered, exclusive path through life.

To that extent, the "Toff" label does stick. If he had taken time out after leaving University to work in the private sector for a decade or so, Cameron may have got a better grip on what he wanted to achieve for the country and learnt how to hold a normal conversation with the peasants.

It may be a bit early to be writing the political obituraries, but they are accurate. There's no way he will win the next election - IF the Party allows him to remain Leader until then.

Barnacle Bill said...

@ G Tingey

In Churchill's case I'd add the caveat - coming under enemy fire whilst upon active service.

Anonymous said...

Its the "Coke" analogy from Raedwald that rings true and Farage got a hold on it.

There's nothing to choose between the three main parties and none of them has our interests truly at heart.

We need genuine change - NOW!

Coney Island

Farenheit211 said...

I'm a supporter of a policy of don't vote fascist but don't vote mainstream either.

I think that's a way to start getting change.

I'm an ex conservative member and I'm deeply disappointed with Cameron. On virtually none of the areas of genuine concern has he engaged in identifiably successful action. He has done nothing to dismantle the lefty client state in local govt etc, nothing on immigration, nothing on europe. He has been nothing but a caretaker, a janitor for the civil service bosses, an empty vessel.

Anonymous said...

Farenheit nailed it...

And the real reason for Cameron's obituary is that the Conservative base is so alienated that they're going to vote UKIP in ever increasing numbers...

Right now I'd be more likely to vote Labour than Tory - it would be a more honest vote, you know what you'rte going to get - but rest assured UKIP will get my vote..

Farenheit211 said...

Anon, I know that a labour vote is more honest but these are the buggers who have caused so many of the problems we have today.

anon 2 said...

Yes, I agree that the parties are essentially all red. And Shameron, most notably, has been placed as a puppet. He is the very model of a Useful Idiot -- of the kind the Communist System uses to subvert western civilisation (KGB... see Bezmenov aka Thomas Schuman^).

The reason we have non-communicators in the Punch and Judy Show is that this also is part of the subversion system. In his Pedagogy of the Oppressed^^, Paolo Freire explains the use of non-communication to promote Cultural Invasion. Depriving the people speech and expression achieves the same ends as those described by Bezmenov.

Keeping us busy worrying about Shameron's fate is all part of the plan. We shouldn't do anything but get rid of the lot of them.

Other Bezmenov material is available on YouTube.

^^ New York: Continuum, 2003.

anon 2 said...

Sorry... that's "Depriving the people of speech and expression..."

Andy said...

I have always been a staunch Tory but Cameron has proven himself to be nothing more than Blair MK2,
spin,soundbites,lies and not much else.

Not to mention his utter inability to see the truth that the modern UK is a second rate power and we dont have the cash or muscle to play Lady Bountiful to the entire world.

When are we going to get a Government that puts the needs of the ethnic British people before the needs of every other country and ethnic group on the planet?