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Monday, 3 September 2012

Correcting injustice is what ministers are for

There cannot be a single reader of Professor John Tulloch's story who doesn't cringe at the injustice if the threatened deportation of a man as British as the white cliffs of Dover; a son of the Empire with three generations of Indian Army before him, a family with roots in England since the 14th century. His error was to take 'dual' Australian citizenship whilst working there - a mistake that has allowed the Home Office to apply the petty and exact rules of citizenship to invalidate his right to live in his home country.

This case doesn't need a change in the law. It doesn't need a lengthy case in the ECHR. To correct bureaucratic stupidity, ministers have available the remedy of exercising the Royal prerogative - it's what they hold the seals of office for. Over to you, Theresa May. It's what you're for.


G. Tingey said...

Actually, I suspect Prof Tulloch has run across an exceptionally unpleasant jobsworth in the "Border Agency" & has annoyed whichever petty little scrote that attempted to bully him.
From the availble public statements, & from custom & ppractice, the UKBA are LYING.

Tulloch was born of British parents - he IS a British citizen - full stop, end of story.
So, he became an Australian citizen - he did NOT "give up" his Brit citizenzhip as a result.
( He just does not have a current Brit passport - which is why some officialdom is being such total aresholes )
Consider my sister-in-law.
She holds TRIPLE nationality.
NZ (& hence Aus) ... British & Canadian.
They are NOT mutually exclusive.

What Ms May should do is find the petty swine responsible for this disgrace, publicly name & humiliate them, & preferably sack them for incompetence.
They are not even applying their own rules.

Edward Spalton said...

German citizenship law used to be that a German was a descendant of Germans. They have amended it quite a bit because people said it was RACIST. The legal nonsense in which Professor Tulloch is enmeshed was doubtless created to avoid the possibility of such an accusation. Now, if he were an unconvicted but known Islamic terrorist, he would be able to stay here forever - and with social security payments too.


Back in May you ran some very useful articles "Churchill's United States of Europe" etc. I have some new information on British European policy of that era, which these supplement very nicely. May I quote from them and the links you give- with attribution, of course?

Anonymous said...

Deporting the people who should be allowed to stay [Zimbabweans mostly] and allowing to remain - all sorts of pondlife scum [followers of the ideology of Islam + rapists and drug running Caribbeans] is what 'this' lot do - they don't represent me anymore, how can we allow this quisling set of tossers to be called - 'our' Government? Representatives of Brussels and representative of no one who can call himself English.

My apologies to you Mr. Tulloch but this regime, the one sitting in Westminster, has long ceased to be a government 'of the people and for the people', they now rule by proxy and only serving their Brussels masters.
I do not recognize it [this 'government'], Englishmen all, should not pay obeisance to any of the weasels who presently ordain in Westminster.

Farenheit211 said...

Anon, I also am often gobsmacked at how often people who have either been loyal residents here who have caught up in a nightmare like this one, are deported with hardly any outcry. Sadly there is always willing and often free legal help those who we really don't bloody need in our nation, stay here and often stay here an ponce.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Spike Milligan fell foul of exactly the same rules. In his case he went to visit the Irish ambassador who said "of course you can have a passport -we need all the people we can get!"

anon 2 said...

I've been waiting for this one to hit---the euros want everybody out who isn't subject to them.

We British have a very long tradition of travelling and living elsewhere. We haven't bothered much with euroland because there's a very big world in the other direction.

But wherever we were, we always stayed British, and we were secure in the understanding that we could retain British citizenship if circumstances required us to take some dual citizenship. People like that never were and never will be europeans --any more than they are 'little Englanders.'

But now the euros and the commies re-define the meaning of British, even though they never knew what it meant in the first place. Raedwald, I doubt if Theresa May is on the British side... she's a euro... who delights in their plastering euro things all over our passports and all over our faces on driving licenses.

She has no understanding of the extent of the insult.