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Monday, 24 September 2012


To put Cable's £1bn to small business lending in perspective, the proposed cost of a new EuroVegas to be built on the outskirts of Madrid is €22bn. The brainchild of Tea Party stalwart Sheldon Adelson, the resort will be Europe's casino capital, planned to attract millions of visitors a year. With 20,000 hotel rooms, the resort is predicted to create either 260,000 jobs (Adelson) or 200,000 jobs (Spanish government). Critics say the difference is that Adelson is counting the prostitutes. Indeed, critics are predicting a veritable EuroSodom in which prostitution, drugs, racketeering and money laundering will flourish, an impression not aided by Adelson's insistence on freedom from Euro employment laws and a derogation from Spain's smoking ban in the resort. 

So, a wild, lawless morass of sexual excess and cheap hotels and restaurants subsidised by gambling ninety minutes from London? It could be huge. Those of London's straw-donkey pink-dralon and gold-sovereign semi-crim classes currently drawn to the Costas will flock there. There will no doubt be several English Pubs serving Stella and sausages and Bollinger and the illegal Brazilian tarts will no doubt learn a few words of English. 

Of course as Adelson's company is only putting up 35% of the equity, the bulk of the investment will have to come ultimately from, er, Germany. Through the bank re-capitalisation. The irony of the prudent Saxon hausfrauen funding orange dancing girls in spandex thongs for the benefit of London City boys splurging their bonuses is truly delicious.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that the boys at the EC haven't heard that there is going to be "smoking" going on at the casino town...

If they get to hear about it, it might last for a year...

But you know how dangerous the practise/habit is?

...Now 'hoes, that's a different matter, there's plenty of them within fifty metres of the Berleymont.

Anonymous said...

The Westminster troughing machine....the expenses gravy train 'free travel and European fact finding missions', will be running mega weekend away breaks, bookings and demand will exceed supply.

David C said...

Expect plenty of MPs on fact-finding visits as soon as the place is open.

Edward Spalton said...

Gordon Brown did two good things - he kept us out of the euro currency and he vetoed the plan for a chain of "Mega Casinos" in Britain.

In the Newspeak of Blairism, these would "regenerate" depressed urban areas - by the sorts of activity you describe, including, of course, massive money laundering.

The puritans got things right sometimes and Brown's Calvinist instincts, acquired in the manse, stood him in good stead here.

Wilberforce and friends, who achieved the abolition of slavery, looked round for another campaign of high moral purpose and decided it should be the abolition of the lottery. That was later achieved and only brought back in our own degenerate days.

An Irish song asserts that "gambling has been in this world since horses and greyhounds could run" - and it probably always will be part of human nature. But the "gambling industry" as it likes to call itself is a highly organised pure parasite, feeding off the desire for something for nothing. It should be much curtailed. I suppose that playing the lottery is voluntary but I am astonished at the amount of money which goes over the counter of our local shop. I think it could be described as a tax on stupidity- particularly of those least able to afford it.

Anonymous said...

@Edward... I s'pose there could be another reason for Brown's reticence over the creation of the "super casino's"... I agree with you that casino's generally are run by crims, and launderers...

Brown obviously spotted that too, and so nervous was he of letting a rival organisation steal his new found powers, that he stopped them.

However, from my point of view the recommendation would be the banning of modern fascist government, rather than the banning of the rather more "obvious" casino.

The Harrogate Demands currently in draught form, should solve that problem.

Bill Quango MP said...

David C said...xpect plenty of MPs on fact-finding visits as soon as the place is open.

Seat already booked, old boy.

Demetrius said...

You do not need to go to Madrid for this. Our local council, I think amongst others, believes that the "night time economy" is the way forward to prosperity. Where the money is coming from and going to is an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are going to allow people to SMOKE there? Talk about depravity! There will be naked line dancing in the EU parliament next.

Edward Spalton said...

Well, that all depends, Anonymous, on whether the appearance Catherine Ashton or Mr van Rompuy will turn you on.

Wouldn't they make a lovely couple?

G. Tingey said...

"draught" form?
Like a pint of Timothy Taylors' you mean?

What bothers me is the apparent suspension of employment laws, given the already-noted presence of various dubious mafiosi-type persons as "employers".
NOT a good idea.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"freedom from Euro employment laws and a derogation from Spain's smoking ban in the resort"

Is this the next thing after "planning gain"?

Big companies get to ignore the laws that apply to everyone else, if they offer bribes in the form of "jobs"?

Much as I dislike most employment law, I can't help feeling this would be a very very bad thing.

The law is the law; as a great man said a few years ago, "Be you ever so high, the law is above you."

We cannot allow exceptions - however worthy - for anyone's cronies, otherwise we might as well all move to Chicago.