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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Is 'bigot' the new 'racist'?

You will recall the time, just recently passed, when even the mildest, most inoffensively and neutrally phrased criticism of immigration on the web would earn the hostility of a spitefully hissed 'racist!' . It was impossible at one time to engage in sensible debate on the subject. An accusation of racism, so easy and casually made against so many, was the scoundrel's means of avoiding arguing the facts. It was only when Labour party HQ realised that 80% of their own party members would have to be labelled as 'racists' that the first senior figures in the party started to admit in public that they'd got it wrong on immigration. And as I've said before, Gordon Brown put the lid on it when he spat the word 'bigot' at Gillian Duffy. He would have preferred the conventional 'racist' I'm certain, but she'd carefully phrased her question to be about East European immigrants.

And so to young Clegg, a politician so emotionally immature that he claimed in an interview with GQ magazine to have had intercourse with up to thirty different women and described his sexual prowess with the false modesty of the cad: "I don't think I am particularly brilliant or particularly bad," he said. The interview was important; it revealed Clegg as a moral relativist, a man who regarded sexual intercourse as an aerobic activity without deeper meaning or impact, to be engaged in casually and at will and even with relative strangers. The emotional immaturity of the young on moral issues is hardly unusual; many of us will have passed through such a stage in our youth, but to seek to play a part in national politics and still to cling to these puerile and jejune misjudgements is to expose oneself to the sort of public contempt and ridicule of which Clegg is now justly in receipt.

Clegg's use of the 'bigot' word is demonstrative of an unsophisticated credulity typical of some callow lad still fascinated with his own membrum virile. He can martial no more sophisticated argument against those who seek to preserve a moral framework in our society. Like the hissing juveniles with their 'racist!' spits, it is a response of desperation, not of mature political dialogue.


Anonymous said...

I reckon that the majority of the political class have never been different, except perhaps by degree...

During one's school years there are always the kids that volunteer to be milk/playground/classroom "monitors", when these kids shoot their hands into the air, the rest of the kids sigh, because we always know who they are.

They feel the need for extra privileges, they feel the need to impress on the other kids that they have a heightened level of importance, and they need the authority to impress on us, that we should be behaving in the manner laid down by a combination of them and their masters.

So, it might help society in general, that from our very earliest schooldays, when those hands shoot up, that our teachers, or a principled member of the class...

...should just shoot them.

As Karl Marx might have said, get em young and you've got em for life.

G. Tingey said...

You have made the exact same mistake as the religious section (ugh euuuwww) of the Beeb.
Equating "Morality" with religion.
( Unrepresentative "survey" presented this morning, conducted for their RE department )

As for "bigot" well, how long is it going to take before the realisation that all of humanioty is an "African" species penetrates the conscious ... ?
And / or that ALL religions are based on blackmail, and are killers?

Err .. right-writes ..
Actually, the murderous, lying, blackmailing RC church did actually say that!
Specifically, the Jesuits, I think.
Oh, what a give-away!

Anonymous said...

@G Tingey...

Are suggesting that I revealed something about myself that I didn't mean?


And the reason that I said "might" is because I heard this from my dad, who was always a bit of an unreliable source, being a fully paid up member of the hang em and flog em brigade.

However he had been a member of the communist party in his twenties.

Anonymous said...

'martial', eh ?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh look Raedwald used the wrong word...

Actually that might be a first.

Anonymous said...

But why single out Clegg?

Doubtless, Dave will have a similar opinion, that great stalwart and protector of the Church, Labour's Brown the 'son of the manse' his moral compass began to spin in all directions. Brown, surrendered to the spavined dogmas of PC and multikulti and to the louche liberal and ambiguous ambience of Westminster.
Clegg, is a clever lad who doesn't use his brain because he never grew up, a Walter Mitty - he'll always be 15 years old.

TheFatBigot said...

I see nothing wrong with being a bigot.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

The funny thing is Tingey IS a bigot but appears to lack the self-knowledge to realise it.