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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Madrid rattles its sabre. Softly.

Catalunya has its own independent police force, the Mossos d'Esquadra, under the command of Artur Mas and the Generalitat. Since 2008, they have replaced almost completely in the region the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional, both of which are under the control of Spain's Interior Ministry. I remember one rare occasion when I took a cab back to Barcelona airport the driver's nervousness at encountering a national police roadblock on one of the airport approach roads. The national forces retain jurisdiction in Catalunya over matters such as terrorism, firearms, immigration and port and airport security. The driver's mumbled warning made clear there was no love lost between the 'Madrid' police and the locals. 

And now as Madrid, with Berlaymont's encouragement, is gently back pedalling on many of the power transfers to the ARs, policing is not exempt. The military are making bellicose noises, and Rajoy is walking on eggshells in having to defuse this spike of Catalunyan nationalism as a test of civilian political competence. Madrid is moving its tanks slowly onto Mas' lawn, albeit softly and with rubber tracks. It has instituted joint patrols in Castelldefels and Saint Boi between the Mossos and the PN - a move it is being claimed that is increasing tensions locally between the various force commanders. Further moves to push the local jurisdiction to be more proactive in identifying the holders of firearms to the national authorities are also seen as trespassing on Catalunya's autonomy, though this is a legitimate national competence.

The Interior Ministry has also upset the Bombera, the Catalunyan fire brigade, by ordering that 'Starry', the Catalan flag, must not be flown at fire stations in the region. A Bombera spokesman responded "When a law is unjust it is more correct to disobey it. Independence is the path to dignity - Starry everywhere!"

This is one to watch.


Anonymous said...

They did not listen, they're not listening still,
Pehaps they never will.
Starry starry night.

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

I've just remembered.
Doesn't Spain currently have a (national) Catholic fairly right-wing guvmint.
Which wants to go back to the "good old days" SHUDDER of the generalissimo FF?
Stupid prats.

Anonymous said...

Madrid, is playing a blinder if it requires to wind up the Catalans - then they're doing a great job.
I remember, how the conflict in Croatia kicked off,a blur in slow motion and the shelling of Dubrovnik and later the Vukovar bloodbath and this really happening in Europe - and then again musing that: this nasty little war has history.

Catalunya and Madrid - beware.

Anonymous said...

The second demand of the Harrogate Agenda, is for meaningful political poer to be devolved back to the counties (or other local unit)...

I can see a that a smattering of central government resistance will arise, be it from the Berlaymont or their appointed town hall in Westminster.

Oh Gawd, who will rid us of these tyrants?

Anonymous said...

Tingey bigotry shines again. Spain catholic! Shock, horror!

G. Tingey said...


NOT bigotry.

But a simple reading of history.
In Spain the RC church backed Franco with everything it had.
The RC church accommodated with Adolf to the point of being truly sickening ( & if you repeat the lie you have just written, I'll send you the links to prove it - no, balls, here they are...)

Then there are the delightful "saints" who are still "On the books" who were responsible for mass murder & torture - my top two favourites are Dominic & Cyril of Alexandria.

And the role of the RC church acting like al-Quaeda in the late 16th-early 17th C, killing three monarchs & having multiple goes at another (Gloriana)

Or the case of (the republic of) Ireland, dragged through 80 years of oppression & misery by the RC church - the rape of children & the supression of women & the Magdalene shcools/laundries & .....

Now then, these are all facts, so tough.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah. And the communists bayoneted priests and nuns to death in the Spanish civil war just for being priests and Protestants burned witches in Germany in the 16th century for 'weather cooking'.... And those lovely rational atheists Mao and Stalin killed about 50 million between just for kicks and giggles. Therefore all atheists are awful by your logic. Point being, extremism in pursuit of any belief system is a vice. Noble cause corruption and all that.

Definition of bigot: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief or opinion. Sounds right up your street mate. Your ignorance of theology and religious teaching is as impressive as your knee-jerk deninciations of Catholicism. Never seem to worry about the CofE though, do you? Though I dare say they are sufficiently effete not to upset you. Given your trenchant views on paedos (in which I heartily concur by the way) you must really hate the Scouting movement.

G. Tingey said...

Oh dearie me!

"Anonymous" - too cowardly to put up even a psudonym (very pseudo in your case) ...

Communism is, of course, another religion, so it tries to ban or suppress all the other religions, and kills lots of people in the name of the holy cause. [ Just the same as all the other religions - it ticks all the boxes for religion.
I worked this out for myself, only to find out, later, that Bertrand Russel beat me to it by about 40 years - oh well, c'est la vie. ]

BTW - ever heard the phrase: "Two wrongs don't make a right" ???
Just because the RC church is one of the most eveil, murderous and lying collections of blackmailers on the planet DOES NOT MEAN that I automatically support their mirror-image twin, the CP.
It does not follow, & there is no connection.

Who said anything about "intolerant"?
I am merely pointing out the evil perpetrated by the RC - & now the CP as well.

Ignorant of theology - well, I was brought up CoE Evangelical, before I escaped, as some people on this blog already know, and your blustering, ranting claims are plainly wrong.
Admittedly, theology is a subject with no content, because there is no BSF (or no detectable one, anyway), but it can be fun shooting down idiots like you, who plainly have NOT read their bibles (or korans or 39 articles).

Actually, I do loathe scouting - my father had been into it before WWII, & encouraged me to try it.
Needless to say, I was bullied about 5 minutes after joining, and did not return.
It smacks too much of "jolly team games" (shudder) for me.

As to your definition of bigot, I have no objection to anyone holding a religious belief, provided it is not shoved in my face, or an attempt is made to impose it on others.
Unfortunately, most religions seem to do just that.
Especially the church full of brain-dead, brain-washed social class D-Z just round the corner from here, whose leaders do very well out of it (they tithe), and who are amazingly arrogant ... "The bible is inerrant" is one of their axioms - oh dear.

Anonymous said...

You are either unable or unwilling to distinguish between the actions of an individual operating under his own free will and the teachings/beliefs/strictures of an institution. E.g. Catholic priest is a paedo, sadly acts on his bestial instincts and abuses children. He is clearly wicked. Uneducated as I am I recall the New Testament having a passage were Jesus says "suffer the little children to come unto me" etc - I won't repeat the entire passage or its theological implications as with your planet sized brain and wide reading you will already be aware of them. Does the church teach sexual interaction with minors is ok? No. In fact church teaching is all sex outside marriage is wrong. Yet you persist with this rubbish that the RC Church connives/condones/encourages/is directly responsible for it. There are a billion people globally in the church. Some of them are wicked nasty people. It doesn't make the institution so. Equally, the Chinese communist party is a wicked nasty institution - but there are good people in it. (See what I did there? It's called being fair minded, a courtesy you do not extend.) Those D-Z unthinking types in your local church down the street whom you so despise perhaps exhibit more nobility of character and generosity of spirit than you do.

But then brought up as an evangelical? No wonder you turned against it. We must guard against enthusiasm. But you have simply exchanged one enthusiasm for another.

James Higham said...

Catalan nationalism has always been around and like the SNP in Scotland, is not universally supported. I know a Catalan girl and she says it's by no means as bad as Madrid says.

G. Tingey said...

I suggest, anon, that YOU try putting up with the xtian brain-dead 6-7 days a week!
Founded by a man called "Wayman Mitchell" in Arizona, apparently ....
They reject the age of the Earth (YEC's actually) & evolution & anything remotely factual ....

I judge by actions - exactly as Yeshus said, actually - it's a good engineering maxim - "what does it (he, they) actually DO - ignore what they say..."

The RC church is founded on exclusive CONTROL of the world through it's religious blackmail.
Just like islam & communism, in fact.
And I reject all of these, as lying, murderous & more blackmail.
None of their world-models fit the facts, at all, or hadn't you noticed?
Now, is that simple enough?