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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Opinion fatigue

With apologies, but with the cleansing feel of Autumn in the air a minor bout of opinion fatigue has descended. A couple of aspirin and a Monkey Shoulder toddy should see things back to normal, but until then here's a brief interlude;

Andrew Mitchell? Jumped-up oik pretending the status of a gentleman. Needs a good horse-whipping to remind him of his place. New Archbishop? Please God not another hand-wringing effete moral relativist. EU Referendum? I just wish our lot (the antis) would get the story straight on this. Mohammed film / cartoons / hentai porn? - sod the primitive natives; the goat-belt needs an Enlightenment. LibDems? Who? Mitt Romney? Clearly not a man who can walk and chew gum at the same time. Death penalty? No. Next. iPhone 5? Overpriced tatty bling for sociopaths. Mansion tax? Anyone owning a £1m+ home built after 1915 (unless its a genuine Lutyens) should be taxed for tastelessness. The money raised should be paid as tax-relief on maintenance to those who are preserving pre-1915 £1m+ houses for the good of the nation.

OK, there should be enough there to keep things going for today.


Anonymous said...

I recommend a dose of Aldeburgh Raedwald...

Particularly at sunrise.

lilith said...

I lost a bunch of friends this week due to opinions such as the above. Particularly the Arch Bish one. I expressed regret at the decline of, and secular attacks upon, our judeo christian culture. WOW. Suddenly I was in the comments section in the Guardian being battered. Who needs mates like that? There was a time when people with polarised politics could get along.

Anonymous said...

By 1938, I am assured by people who lived through that era, many thinking people knew that war was inevitable.

I think that we too have detected a similar prognosis in our own times. It may not be war, instead some other catastrophe, but the common factor is that it will be set up by our "leaders". It's coming, but yet we know not how or when.

Part of me wishes that they'd just get on with it, do the damage. Then we would know what we have to deal with. The other part knows that we are not prepared, and that most of the nation refuses to know the problem and therefore cannot be prepared.

I can only conclude that the answer is not 42, it is prayer.

Elby the Beserk said...


Demetrius said...

And what pray about football?

hatfield girl said...

Lilith, I'm so relieved that doesn't happen just to me. Either I sit there lips closed listening to poorly expressed and worse argued cultural neofascism, pushing indifferent lasagne about my plate (though the closed lips are a help there - when will people stop thinking that anything goes, with a lasagne?) or I comment and get double-marked down for manner of expression.


Raedwald said...

Lilith - you still had friends who took you seriously? My leftie mates always genuinely assume I'm parodying RW views and on occasion I've even got them joining in and going rather further than Genghis Khan, which is all good fun

lilith said...

Haha that's a good one Raedwald! Nice.

HG. In my case it is generally curried pollock. Curried pollock?! I can say no more as my tongue is bit off.

Calfy said...

In retrospect, Lils, it is incredible you put up with so much curried pollock, let alone the cultural neofascism.
As for me, many times in my life have I heard, at first-hand, collective gasps of astonishment. They come at fireworks, and when children fall off slides, and when an embittered person complains of unfair treatment. But they are usually parodic, or else people tune in to them just slightly too late, like mass hysteria. Until a few weeks ago I, IIRC, had never had more than two people genuinely and simultaneously gasp or exclaim at something I've said, and I was wholly unprepared as I thought the utterance was rather bland (and the company, my friends, rather tolerant). It was, "a liberal would allow every person their own view". The whole room was aghast and I was quickly silenced under a shower of "Not if they're bad views!" and the derogatory "Only a right-wing person would say that!"
I like Raedwald's post and think perhaps a few newspapers could do with adopting the style in their comment section.

Anonymous said...

"goat belt", I nearly shat.

G. Tingey said...

Let's see.
Mitchell got jumped on by the police, who assumed they were the masters, & us (including him) the servants, rather than the other way around.

Who cares? ANother blackmailing liar, since there isn't a BSF at all.

EU referendum?
We should be so lucky.

Dark-Ages cmaelherders' myths - see archbishop, above ....

Eyc ad nauseam, as the EYe would say.
Have a nice day, there!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@HG - are you by any chance a re-incarnation of Elizabeth David? I seem to recall some scathing comment about people who would "throw just about anything into a bolognese, as though it were some sort of dustbin".

Even her put-downs were beautifully punctuated and grammatically perfect...

There must be a connection.

Anonymous said...

Latest story in the Delerium Tremens and concerning grooming.

Young white girls, under the 'care of the social services [God help them].
And, a scurvy cross-section of Neaderthal cave dwellers hailing from the curried goat belt, C634AD is groundhog day and the ideology of regarding 'white meat as fair game' and coming to all of Britain very soon.

hatfield girl said...

Curried pollock. There's an obscenity in there somewhere; no two words can look and sound like that and not stand for something obscene.

Yacht, I so admire Elizabeth David's recipes. They work, taste right, and are delicious though couldn't be used as an insult like, "you're talking curried pollack." Or even, "You are a left-over ..."