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Friday, 28 September 2012

Trans-Carpathian Ruthenia

It's been a while since the land of Trans-Carpathian Ruthenia featured here - I think the last was my description of the twin Christmas celebrations in Uzhgarod (Uzhorod, Ujhorod, Ungvar, Ungwar), the capital of this, er,  Polish / Hungarian / Czech / Ukrainian / German / Romanian region. Now I've found a wonderful website that describes all you can see in a weekend in TCR;
  • The River Uzh (Uj, Ung) with its unspoilt power plant and many happy fish that flows through the capital, where you may visit the State Museum of Folk Architecture
  • Some old castles, some of them not fallen down
  • Berehowe, an important city with a population of 26,000 and a palace of Justice which is nice
  • Uzh national park - here there are bears and other plants
  • Mountains - currently forests cover three quarters of Trans Carpathian Ruthenia and the rest is frequently mountain. The peak of the highest mountains are occupied by valleys.
  • Viaducts and railway tunnels amongst the most picturesque in Europe
  • Uzhocky Pass - the source of the Uzh. Here you may be shot if you try to cross the border, which is prohibited
  • Vine plantations on the banks of the Uzh that makes wines similar to Tokaj but no-one outside drinks them
  • Nationalities and ethnic groups; Transcarpathia is inhabited by numerous national and ethnic groups. Here lives next to each other Slavic people, Finno-Ugrics and the Balkans: Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Ukrainians, Croats, Russians, Poles, Roms and others including Huculy, Boyko, Lemkos and Roma, the ethnic balance intact and conflict-free existence. 
You can travel there via Uzhgorod International Airport, with one terminal and regular flights to, er, Kiev. 

The cuisine is said to be unique. I think next year's travel plans are shaping up ...


G. Tingey said...

Geographically, it should be part of either Slovakia or Hungary, given that it is on the SW side of the mountain range ....

Anonymous said...

Might be an idea Raedwald to don the old bullet proof vest and go via the Uzhocky Pass, for a bit of excitement.

Tingey says it is physically like Slovakia... If it is, it's quite beautiful, even the communist blocks (housing), are beautiful in their Stalinist way... Whether it should be politically joined is another matter.

Small is beautiful, we all know that.

Demetrius said...

Sounds great, ethnically almost like Kilburn. I believe a lot if the Finno-Ugrics with others have the same male DNA as mine. So that's where they got to.

Edward Spalton said...

How nature does imitate art!

Perhaps twenty years ago somebody produced a visitors' guide and phrase book for a mythical country called Slaka, not too far away from former Ruritania. So I always assumed it was Balkan - but I was wrong. The book was entitled (I think) "Welki in Slakan"
Welcome to Slaka and, whilst it had some similarities, it wasn't half as interesting as this place.

Now I know where Volhynia is and can place a snatch of song from more years ago than I can reckon -
"Hundert tausend Ochsen bruellen
Auf Wolniens gruenen Weiden
und Katinka, ja Katinka,
Dacht ich sei in sie verliebt""

"A hundred thousand oxen are lowing
on Volhynia's geen meadows
And Katinka, yes Katinka,
hTinks I am in love with her".

I don't know quite where it came from.It just sprang from the vasty deep of memory.

banned said...

Trans Carpathian Ruthenia at last getting the recognition it so richly deserves (sorry I missed your Xmas Eve post on the topic).

hatfield girl said...

I wish the vasty deep of my memory contained German, ES.