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Monday, 1 October 2012

BAE deal stinks

All it lacks is Bloody Blair to weigh in, but his £3m a year wedge comes from the wrong Morgan; he's signed-up with JP Morgan, whilst it's Morgan Stanley that needs to persuade the government to abandon issues of national security and flog our secret defence know-how to EADS, a company so well-infiltrated by China it may as well have its HQ in Guangdong. 

Morgan Stanley's not doing too bad with its existing lobbying team, though; it's already signed-up the egregious John Scarlett, who failed his country so dramatically over Iraq, and Jeremy Heywood, who served as Managing Director of Morgan Stanley's  UK Investment Banking Division in between top mandarin jobs. Currently hugely influential as Cabinet Secretary, the man described by Peter Oborne as "a perfect manifestation of everything that has gone so very wrong with the British civil service over the past 15 years" is set to see his old firm earn hundreds of millions if the merger comes off. Heywood hasn't ruled out a return to Morgan Stanley if he feels like another change. Morgan Stanley are also trying hard to recruit Nicolas Sarkozy to add even more weight to the arm-twisting asset robbery.

This whole deals stinks like rotten Mackerel, and the involvement of personalities and firms with a track record of venality, greed and self-interest and no track record whatsoever of putting country before bonus convinces me this is a deal that can only harm the UK.


DeeDee99 said...

The deal will most certainly hurt the UK - but it will be one step nearer to the proposed EU Defence (In)Capability that Cameron is only too happy to help bring about by weakening our own Armed Forces so that they lack sufficient resources to operate unilaterally.

Blair is a shyster and a charlatan. Cameron may not be such a shyster - but then he has far more inherited wealth than Blair - but he is proving to be almost as great a charlatan.

Anonymous said...

You have all forgotten the USA. Within EADS (BAE Systems) we have bilateral agreements with the USA that directly affect the defense of their realm as well as ours; ake for one example, the nuclear submarine shipyards in Cumbria. These agreements are, as I said, bilateral. There are no other "interested" parties to have their say - even in Europe.

You can have all the greasy fingered lobbyists you (don't) like; the Yanks ain't about to give their defense secrets to the Chinks. No sir!

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

As DeeDee says, there's an EU angle.

The strategy is to render the UK indefensible. Once this deal goes through (and go through it will - the colleagues want it), the US will clam up and we'll have no more intelligence-sharing. Already, we need to buy all our ammunition from Belgium! Already we know that "our" new aircraft carriers will be operated in conjunction with the French.

The wet dream of European tyrants for hundreds of years is nearly achieved, thanks to the traitor Heath and a lot of smaller traitors who followed in his footsteps.

Cameron will so his bit when he's told to, you can be sure.

G. Tingey said...

Please don't call Heath a traitor!
He wasn't - AT THE TIME it seemed a good idea.
Times have changed, & now it is NOT a good idea.
The real traitor, who stated the rot was the madwoman from Grantham.
She STARTED the defence cuts (remember Falkland's War?) that every traitorous PM has followed since.

However, I do find the decreasing abilty to defend ourselves very worrying, to say the least.....

Ancient + Tattered Airman said...

As someone who had a full military career may I say the rot in the aviation industry (before it was lumped into submarines and the like)started with the frightful Harold Wilson? He forced a number of companies to amalgamate and deprived the ones who didn't of military orders. That was the end of Handley Page. We then had 2 giant combines and Westlands was left with helicopters. The 2 giants eventually became one. The MoD has been inept throughout. I had better say no more as my blood is boiling.

Anonymous said...

G Tingey: "Please don't call Heath a traitor!"

At last, after an unnatural spell finding myself in agreement with Mr Tingey, God is back in his heaven and all is right with the world.

Edward Heath was a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic how some people miss no opportunity to denigrate Mrs Thatcher. Facts, no problem, just ignore them!

Budgie said...

Heath was a traitor - the records confirm it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

G. Tingey - Heath (hawk, spit) signed the governance of our country over to a foreign power.

That is the very definition of a traitor, regardless of his intentions or how "good"* an idea it seemed at the time.

* Seeemed good to who, btw? Monnet and Delors, certainly...

G. Tingey said...

NO HE DID NOT - at the time.
The EU project mutated, badly.
It could NOT be foreseen at that time.
I & a lot of others - a huge majority - and probably including you, if you were old enough - voted for the then EEC.
Remember that only the communists & the NF (No BNP then) were agin it.
Now, things are different.
The EU has become a strangling monster - but who could have seen that then?

As for traitors, which PM's have CUT our armed forces, time & again, leaving us defenceless?
THAT IS treason.

Andy said...

Heath knew the reality of the European Project right from the very start and totally agreed with it.
He lied his ass off in 1975.
He was a traitor.