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Monday, 15 October 2012

Bart takes Antwerp

Normally Belgian local government elections aren't the subject of much interest to anyone really, least of all the Belgians. But Bart De Wever's victory this weekend in Antwerp, Belgium's second city, will have the benefit of causing Herr Von Rumpy a few sleepless nights; the Flemish separatist mayor is set to spearhead a campaign culminating in Belgium's 2014 elections intent on stopping wealth transfers from Flemish areas to French-speaking Wallonia. Just as soon as the colleagues have countered one threat, it seems, another appears. 

De Wever's N-VA, a conservative and liberal party strongly supportive of civic nationalism and influenced by both Burke and Theodore Dalrymple, has stolen votes from the right wing Vlaams Belang. As the respectable face of Flemish nationalism he resists attempts to pin far right associations on him, and indeed promotes a curious blend of Flemish nationalism and support for a united Europe. 

Still, my enemy's enemy and all that. He's whupped the socialists who have held Antwerp since the war, and if his party gains in 2014 could well succeed Di Rupo as Prime Minister - and split the Belgian state at a critical stage in the making of a new Eurozone treaty. 


G. Tingey said...

Very interesting.
Antwerp is a lovely city - magnificent, unbelievable railway station, exellent (metre-guage) trams, superb BEER ... (De Koninck) food, etc....

Barnacle Bill said...

Antwerpen - I still develop a nervous twitch when I think of the locks there!

Anonymous said...

"Antwerpen" - did she have nice legs?

I like the Flemish people, grafters and pragmatic thinkers - a bit like us.

hatfield girl said...

'... promotes a curious blend of Flemish nationalism and support for a united Europe. ...

.. and if his party gains in 2014 could well succeed Di Rupo as Prime Minister - and split the Belgian state'..

The eurozone, even EU, crisis is enhancing and further creating conditions for a Europe of the regions, something wholly antagonistic to the survival of the nation state. Creative, economically competent regions of the EU are growing utterly tired of internal wealth transfers within nation state borders and positively seeking a supra-national, rich European administration. The break-up, if it occurs, will not be along nation state boundaries but within old nation states, resulting in the shedding of the real periphery: ie, geo-politically important zones that are, however, characterised by economic incompetence, whatever its cause, and by local governmental corruption caused by primitive political cultures administering these large wealth transfers.

Italy, Spain and the UK all have very serious problems with economic and political regions of great wealth and sophistication tied to 20th century nation state concepts and realities.

Anonymous said...

yes hatfield girl, and another reason why 'the nexus' should be blown apart by the obliteration of fiat money.

G. Tingey said...


What would you replace what we have with?
Gold - there isn't enough to go around .......
[ The total amount of gold mined ever is only ~171k tons - under 20 cubic
metres. There's less than 11k tons in Fort Knox & the US Federal
Reserve combined. ]

Now grow up.