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Friday, 19 October 2012

Federasts dragging Europe to Doom

As the peoples and economies of Europe are sacrificed on the altar of federal integration by the deluded fanatics dominating the current 'summit' we can only stand by and watch. After the wealth of the US, through the Marshall Plan, and the shared burden carried by NATO maintained peace in Europe for more than half a century, it is all about to be undone by the same ideological zealotry that led to over 70m dead last century. As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote in the Telegraph
Indeed. "Entirely self-created". Repeat that a hundred times. There is nothing seriously wrong with Europe's underlying economy. It has magnificent companies, great creative skills, a global current account surplus and relatively low debt. (That is not a misprint. Europe does not have a debt crisis. It has a political crisis. It is so badly structured and so badly run that moderate debt has been allowed to mushroom into a crisis). Mr Soros says there is now a "real danger" that the euro will destroy the European Union...... This time citizens can expect no Soros Salvation Army. They themselves will have to rise up in revolt within the fortress. That makes the whole saga much more dangerous.
Our interventions to save Europe from itself have cost us incalculable losses over the last century. What is it with these bloody people that if you leave them alone for five minutes they'll have produced a flag, an anthem and a hunger for global-sized ambitions? What warped gene makes them so susceptible to such distorted ideologies? No doubt some documentary film to be made later this century will interview the elderly survivors who will say, as they did after the last time, "It seemed such a good idea at first. We didn't know what it would lead to ...."


Barnacle Bill said...

If I thought it would end with us holding Nuremburg style trials, with the likes of Blair, Broon & Cast Iron in the dock, I'd sleep better.
Instead I fear I'll hear the words: "It's the gulag for you bb."

G. Tingey said...

"Didn't know what it would lead to"
hmm, amazing stupidities & thug behaviour like THIS:
do you mean?

Our police are so wonderful (not)

Demetrius said...

The Africa Channel a couple of days ago ran an excellect documentary on The Berlin Conference of 1884-84 when the European powers drew lines on maps in Africa without much regard to the consequences. Forced back into Europe, they are still drawing lines on maps in a way and with even less regard for what might happen, and Berlin is at the centre again.

Anonymous said...

Blame the EU or blame the Tories and Dave?

The Tories took us in [to the EEC in 1972] and for forty years have been leading the electorate up the garden path.
Dissimulation, with tales of Europe-scepticism - it was all a ruse.
Dave, still plays to this fantasy and Tory voters still believe it - honestly how stupid can people be?

The green tosser, is a child, he believes; the green deal, bird mincers and closing coal fired generating plant is going to somehow keep the lights on - like his government - he is and all his policies are, a f**king wing and a prayer.
Dave, he thinks that [the green energy deal and the renewables option] will help British industry, hundreds of jobs have gone - all the aluminium smelters have gone, ceramics and chemical not for long either - who is gonna pay for giant electricity bills - when the Chinese will subsidise energy costs.
Dave, he thinks being in the EU is of benefit to the British - actually he is incapable of rationale or cogent thought - The EU has just about bled us dry and still has it's fangs in - there ain't much left.

Blackouts on the way and another blackout imminent but this is not to do with electrical power.

The idiots who voted for this clown are cut of the same cloth and those who vote for the other lot [Liebour/YellowDhimmitude] are just as bad.

The country is sliding down a shit-chute into the cesspit of a multiculti nightmare.
Where civil strife and mass murder and suicide bombings will be commonplace - Sarajevo, Aleppo or Beirut comes to London and it will be soon enough - recently a demonstration outside of Google HQ in London brought 10,000 on to the streets - chanting death to the infidel etc with a threat of 'trouble' unless the Youtube film is taken down [which the MSM had/were told to censor].
If they are allowed to succeed......what will the next diktat be - all women to wear veils? .....This is the future now.
Dave thinks, open borders are a blessing, a very good thing.

Dave, is a red Tory and he doesn't care two f**ks about Britain, it's written in his the mood music anti-Brit policy.

Dan H. said...

I am increasingly of the opinion that the mess the EU is currently in is not the unfortunate result of incompetence or criminality on a huge scale, but was in fact actually planned as part of a Cunning Plan for empire-by-stealth.

The Plan was supposed to have been to allow countries to get into debt in the Eurozone, then demand sovereignty in return for being bailed out. Over time, this would result in the emasculation of nation-states in favour of a central ruling authority.

Simple enough, but this was all thought up before networked computers were even thought of, and before debt commoditisation was invented.

With these two in place, a slowly-increasing sense of impending doom from inescapable debts doesn't happen; debt can be hidden completely for quite a while until all of a sudden computerised investors take fright, and the countries in question are up shit creek without any hope of release.

Under the new conditions, the slow ceding of sovereignty to the centre doesn't occur, the inherent national economic problems which brought on the debt crises still remain, and the empire is lost for anything to do to get out of the situation. The ECB as constituted is supposedly incapable of acting as a lender of last resort, so the problem is insoluble without much back-stage fiddling.

However, the principal points remain: this is a Cunning Plan which has not survived contact with reality, and there is not any Plan B. This is why the massed leaders of the EU seem so clueless and incapable of acting; they're enmeshed in a self-created trap with only one way out, and it is now too late for this way out to be used. They're stuck in a hole, still digging and are praying for a miracle that won't come.