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Monday, 29 October 2012

Mau Mau were wicked killers

Let us not forget that when the African native descends into savagery his barbarism knows no bounds. The savages of the Mau Mau committed acts every bit as inhuman as the more recent Rwandan Interahamwe or the Lord's Resistance Army; they were no peaceful innocents but red-eyed heartless killers who tore babes from the womb and inflicted indiscriminate and bloody death by rusty Panga.

Kenya at that time was settled as openly as Surrey; neat bungalows with watered and cropped lawns, schoolboys in shorts and caps, mums on cycles and dads lecturing in short sleeved shirts at Nairobi University. The primitive inhuman threat from the Mau Mau was not just to human life but to the very notion of civilisation. Of course we shot them down like dogs - as we still would if they went on the murderous rampage today in Godalming or Sevenoaks.

The three ex-Mau Mau whose compensation claim has made it to the High Court are wearing grins as wide as jumbos. I'd just as rather see them all three swinging from nooses in the courtyard of Pentonville Gaol.


G. Tingey said...

Rem - & whose land had been stolen to build those neat bungalows on?
I agree, however, with your comments on the brutality & cruelty of the Mau-Mau - you are correct.
On the third (gripping) hand ....
We are/were supposed to be the good guys, remember? So, we are supposed NOT to descend to the same level of cruelty & brabarism.

I don't actually think there is any right side to this argument.

Wildgoose said...

Stolen land Greg? OK, let's run with the idea that the land in Kenya could only belong to black people and that nobody with "white" (pale pink) skin could buy it, improve it, or otherwise acquire it.

Now let's apply that to the UK. Hmmm, it sounds like our housing shortage is just about to be solved.....

Or does this only work one way, as per usual?

Anonymous said...

Great Britain brought about fantastic improvements to the world it lived in and there are many countries today that proudly state that they are part of the Commonwealth and many more wishing they could join. Wherever we went, we took with us great advancements in engineering, science, medicine, housing & construction, sanitation, education, transport, telecommunications etc. etc. Its a bit like that Monty Python sketch "what did the Romans ever do for us?"

If anyone wants to see just how bad things can become when "home rule" decides it is going to rip up everything that was ever given to them under British rule, then they only have to look at Zimbabwe. Formerly Rhodesia, it was once the bread-basket of Africa; now it is the basket-case of Africa.

We may not have got it right all of the time (who does?) but we did get it right most of the time and great countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA were born and still flourish today.

They have a lot to be thankful for.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

A nasty vicious and terrible conflict, if one takes a look at Kenya now - this vicious and visceral inter racial hatred has not gone away and it was there well before the British arrived.

Araby, has much to answer for and superiority complexes have complicated matters for millennia.

The British gave them peace and stability for a short while. But old hatreds raised their heads. The wanton slaughter and aftermath during the recent presidential elections was appalling but telling and is the way of things - normal for Africa.

Oldrightie said...

"if they went on the murderous rampage today in Godalming or Sevenoaks."
Give it a few years and it will begin.

Staff Sgt Mom Basa (ret) said...

You'd like to see them swinging etc...

Quite so - and ditto for any High Court judge who upholds their claims and awards more than 2d in compensation. [These things happened years ago, so they should also be paid in old money.]

Anonymous said...

This is all of part. We have vicious bestial terrorists sitting at the heart of the Northern Irish administration. The Mau Mau will get the money, our supine ruling class hasn't the backbone to oppose it.

Dr Evil said...

Well said. The Mau mau were evil scum that should have been exterminated. If these three win their case any award should be just 1 penny.

Anonymous said...

Brutality and unrestrained violence has always been a part of the African psyche. Just a few months ago, there were TV pictures of demonstrating South African miners. They were all armed with rusty machettes and pangas. This was supposed to be a demonstration for increasing wages, so why the machettes?

I'm not surprised that the police, many of them Black, had to open fire, as they knew full well what was in store.

G. Tingey said...

Except ... the Irish terrorists may have been (& I think they were) wrong ... but, very important but.
"We had a war, we've signed a treaty - the war is OVER" is their message, now.
Solidly inside the W-European tradition of conflicts.

Think about that, rather than the blood-feud tradition that others are speaking of?