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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Footnotes from history No 346

As Angela Merkel arrives this week to stay at the Ambassador's residence in Belgrave Square no doubt she will be comfortable enough. It's unlikely that anyone will remind her that Germany's previous Embassy and Residence at 8 - 9 Carlton House Terrace was seized as war booty by the British government in 1945 and subsequently given to the Royal Society, or that the foul champagne salesman Ribbentrop ripped out Nash's innards to create something in the Teutonic baronial style, that Speer visited to design a staircase constructed with marble supplied by Mussolini, or that Hitler relied utterly on the assurances from Germany's last Ambassador to London in 1939 that Britain would never declare war over Poland. Today the pompous and overblown interiors are inhabited by gentle old buffers obsessed with beetles and Japanese youngsters with rucksacks and cameras. 

Ribbentrop was preceded at the Court of St James by a NaziSceptic, von Hoesch, who died prematurely aged 55 in 1936. His Swastika-draped coffin was carried down York Stairs to the Mall by bare-headed Guardsmen; the Horse Artillery fired a salute in the park, and he was driven on a gun carriage escorted by the diplomatic corps in Swan feathers and court dress, the Guards' band and the RHA to a waiting German destroyer to convey him home. A spiteful Hitler had him buried as a nobody, with only a single foreign ministry representative present. 

Former German Embassy at 8 - 9 Carlton House Terrace
von Hoesch's cortege moves down the Mall, 1936

Ribbentrop's pompous interiors replaced Nash
Albert Speer's 'Germania' style in Carlton House Terrace


Anonymous said...

"Today the pompous and overblown interiors are inhabited by gentle old buffers obsessed with beetles and Japanese youngsters with rucksacks and cameras. "

We are talking about THE Royal Society aren't we Raedwald?

As far as I know, that august body has been hijacked by "climate change" zealots.

Raedwald said...

Oh dear. In that case, the fascist architecture may only be too appropriate ...

G. Tingey said...

You are an idiot.

Neither the RS nor ANY of the other scientific bodies, right around the planet have been "Hijacked" by anyone.
It is just that..
1] You don't want to believe it.
&, importantly...
2] The politicians & business leaders have seen a wonderful opportunity to rip us off over climate change, whils doing nothing practical at all.
The issues are entirely separate.

What needs to be done:
Nuclear power – lots of it.
Really large (10m diam at least) undersea turbines, driven by tides & currents
Lots of distributed small-scale power in various forms …
Water-mills & PV (remember PV is getting cheaper all the time)
Serious amounts of money into both artificial photosynthesis & electrical storage.
All of that would solve the real problem.
But it isn’t being done, because the present vested interests would rather just rip us off.

Going back to the original subject.
The posthumous fate of von Hoesch is very illustartive of the fate of the majority of Germans who never voted for Dolf.
They were dragged along & made to suffer, as much as almost any of the countries occupied by the Nazis.
All very sad.
Still the presesent Embassy has a very nice drinking hole, just up the mews behind it ... "The Star"

Ian Hills said...

So the German nutters drink in the Star now, eh?

Anon 2 said...

The true situation is that this particular "Angel's" party have now done to all of Britain what her predecessors did to the embassy.

Personally, then, I don't know how it is that we let this product of East German Communism show its face in Britain. Where are the protestors? Where are the flames engulfing the blue/gold rags? Where are the signs saying "Get Out of Britain"?

Have they really eviscerated us so structurally -- beyond the paint and stucco?

G. Tingey said...

The alternative German drinking-hole is "The Jolly Gardeners" (a.k.a. "Zeitgeist") in Black Prince Rd, just SE of Lambeth Bridge ...
An excellent range of German beers - just DON'T go in there when Germany are playing footie!
However, I have managed to confuse (some of) the bar-staff as to which language they should address me in - all good fun!

Anonymous said...

This Tingey bloke isn't backwards in coming forwards...

Still it's a good job someone has got their eye on the ball... Otherwise we'd all be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I took a quick look at the Royal Society website, and under a search for "climate change" came up with just the sort of zealotry that I was referring to....

This was the first document that I looked at, it is full of misleading hypotheses, so keen is it to prove that "climate change" and it's "DENIERS" are nothing more than heretics.

I say again that one of the very worst institutions for this kind of zealotry (after the BBC and David Attenborough that is), is this staid sounding institution...

Don't believe a word of it, and certainly don't consider "Tingey's" recipes for success.

G. Tingey said...

It is NOT "zealotry"
You are, excuse me, a complete example of paranoiac f-wittery.
Science is not, & cannot be, done by conspiracy, it is done by experiment, observation argument & often bitter in-fghting, which means that a cabal of the sort you and other idiots suggest wouldn't last five seconds, simply because someone else would find an advantage in breaking it open.

What scientific education, beyond primary school "nature study" have you had?

I repeat, just because you don't want to believe it, does not makle it false.
It's like trying to tell an RC believer that the RC church is evil, even after the child abuse scandals - they won't believe it.

Meanwhile check out "Nature's Calendar" - a multi-observer (like over 10 000 people) recording scheme. That number of observations means that the error-bars (do you know what that means - if not shut up & go home) - on the results are very small indeed. Taken in conjuction with historical records (of which Britain has the best - what a suprise) the answers are very uncomfortable & clear.

Please, just once, please SEPARATE the issues of climate change (REAL) with the politicians & big-corporate-interests apparent moves to deal with climate change (FAKE), which are actually designed to enrich them & rip us off.
That difference is frightening.

Anonymous said...


Definition of an idiot...

Anyone that disagrees with you.


Anonymous said...

Ah... There's nowt so queer as a climate change zealot...

BrianSJ said...

The response to fanatics such as Tingey is here

G. Tingey said...

I notice that NO ONE AT ALL is prepared to discuss the points I have raised.
Just to hurl personal insults.

Note that I do agree that there is a scam involved with GW - from politicians & business "leaders" - but you don't seem interested in that - why not?

Note that no-one seems to want to take up the point about a "scientific conspiracy" (an impssibility) other than to scream that there is one.
Now where have I heard that before?
oh, yes ... evolution form the raving US christian & other muslim nutters, denying scientific facts.