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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Oborne's EU over-egging

Peter Oborne's EU exit scare piece in this morning's Telegraph is a more intelligent and nuanced version of the clumsy cudgel that appeared at the weekend as an Observer editorial. However, Peter has over-egged this particular pudding;

It seems likely, for example, that European leaders would take a keen pleasure in punishing Britain by making it clear that an independent Scotland might be allowed to stay as part of the EU 
Not without, erm, 'punishing' Spain and France by allowing Catalun and Basque membership or Belgium by allowing an independent Flanders to join. What Peter means to say is 'It is extremely unlikely that an independent Scotland would be allowed immediate admission into the EU'. It's impossible for England, Wales and Northern Ireland to leave the EU and leave Scotland in; the whole UK must secede. And with Devo Max - the option the Scots are likely to favour (though not on the ballot paper) - they would remain inside the UK.

I am also pretty certain that British withdrawal from Europe would estrange us from the United States, which has been so keen on British membership that the CIA secretly funded the 1975 referendum campaign.
CIA funding to the European Movement between 1949 and 1953 is by now well documented, and although the CIA funded the Youth movement until 1959 by 1957 it had achieved its objective. By the early 1970s CIA funding had long dried up - unless Oborne has novel evidence to the contrary - to be replaced in the UK by covert funding by the FCO to the EM for a 'Yes' vote, in the same way the current government funds the fake charities. There's simply no indication that the UK as a member of a wide European trading block rather than as a member of a new Greater German Federation would cause any 'estrangement' from the US; in fact, the reverse is more probable. 

Forget what the polls say. If there was a referendum on British membership of the European Union tomorrow, the pro-Europeans would win handsomely. 
Well, probably not the case if the poll was actually tomorrow - but Peter means that both Euphile elements at the heart of the State and the whole weight of the EU's propaganda machine would be thrown in and funded by astronomical amounts of money to change people's minds - as happened in Ireland. What we should be campaigning for is a pre-referendum publicity cap - with the Commission and Council banned from contributing in any way, and the government banned by law from using our own money to fund the 'No' campaign. 

There could be a return to military dictatorship in certain European countries. Things are getting worse, not better. In these tragic and terrible circumstances, it is surely the job of any British prime minister to rise to the occasion with magnanimity and generosity
The sums at stake in the Commission budget negotiations are neither here nor there in the difference they will make to the political tensions in Greece or Spain; unemployment won't be reduced, the military won't stop their sabre rattling. The only measure that will lower the risk of military dictatorship is for these nations to be allowed to float their currencies - i.e. to leave the inner circle of the EU. If Britain leads the way in heading an 'outer circle' we will do far more good for these peoples than throwing away a few more millions into the Commissions pisspot. 

Apart from its manifold inaccuracies, emotional blackmailing, errors and omissions of fact and perverse logic, another good piece from Peter Oborne.


DeeDee99 said...

The Establishment is getting seriously rattled.

The Guardian, Independent and DT have all posted one or more articles in the recent days all pushing the 'IN' side of the argument using the usual arguments:

1. We owe Eastern Europe and must pay for their countries infrastructure improvements
2. Leave the EU and we will be isolated and friendless
3. We are selfish for wanting to govern ourselves
4. The Americans won't like us (until they want to invade somewhere - then they'll be on the blower again)
5. Our economy can't survive
6. We must support our PM (the one that refuses to give us a Referendum)

And this is just the start.

UKIP is seriously rattling their cages ... and we neeed to make sure that the rattle increases.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

These mutterings are useful as an indicator of the sort of propaganda we will face if a referendum ever actually materialises - still no more than a remote possibility imho.

Apart from campaigning for a fair campaign, as you suggest, we also need to prepare rebuttals for all these scares (which won't be difficult) and get them frequently and clearly in front of the electorate (which will be very difficult indeed, given the powers ranged against us).

And even if there is a referendum, and the OUT side wins it. will they not just come back for another one? Look at the precedents!

My only real hope is that the whole evil edifice will collapse without any need for us to do much at all. It's still possible.

I remain deeply pessimistic, but despair is a sin.

G. Tingey said...

If being outside the EU, but being a close trading partner (not to mention IN SHengen) is so bad, how come Norway & Switzerland are doing so nicely?

As for military dictatiorships - really, in the modern information age?
Even Belarus will fall, as soon as Lukashenko (?) starts to lose his grip. Ditto Russia - Putin can't last for ever.
Also the inevitable ongoing demographic shift, to an "ageing" population, apparent everywhere where there is modern development (see also Iran, where the reactionaries are terrified, & rightly of the younger, more liberal generation) precludes against military adveturism.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

As always a succinct and clear analysis of the situation

Bernie in pipewell.

Budgie said...

So Peter Oborne thinks we should stay in the EU, not for any benefit we might enjoy (there aren't any), but so we can be "generous" to other EU nations?

This is the "jonny foreigner will look after us" syndrome that I have described elsewhere, but reversed.

The regular British establishment view is that we must remain in, because the EU will look after us in a cold, horrid world (otherwise we will get "isolated" - boohoo). Oborne turns this on its head: now we have to stay in to look after them.

Demetrius said...

When I consider some of the Generals I once worked for and some of the politicians and the way things are rule by the military may have certain advantages. One of these is that they will understand the difference between tactics and strategy.

alternative investments said...

Well Demetrius, at this point I don't see much difference between military rule and kleptocratic police state we have become.