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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Panic amongst the Euphiles

The latest poll published today in the Observer showing growing support from all parts of the political spectrum for an exit from the EU has spread panic amongst the Euphiles. With UKIP polling consistently at about 10%, a popular vote share in an actual ballot of about 15% is not unexpected; as commentators have remarked, support for the EU is highest in the young and at its lowest in the old, but the old vote drags its way to the polling station whilst the young vote stays in bed. And of course the Euphiles in panic predictably roll out all the old myths and scare stories, as does the Observer's editorial today:-

Britain's mass car industry will head to low-cost countries that have remained in the EU
Not true. The UK is best known for premium and sports car marques such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Daimler, Jaguar, Lagonda, Land Rover, Lotus, McLaren, MG, Mini, Morgan and Rolls-Royce. These have all shown growth and demand in growing and emerging economies outside the EU; some 55% of UK vehicle production is sold outside of Europe, with only 20% - 30% going to other EU countries. The UK has competitive advantage in car production in several areas - high productivity, excellent sea transport links and of course our workforce speaks English, the commercial world's lingua franca.

Airbus production will migrate to Germany and France.
False. It is already being migrated to China. Of Airbus' global workforce of around 57,000 just 9,600 are employed in the UK. The consortium has already opened both an assembly plant for the A320 and a component manufacturing plant in China, which is set to gain from a gradual migration of jobs from the EU. the company has already shed 10,000 jobs in the EU since 2007 and more are set to follow.

It was partly because Germany now anticipates Britain leaving the EU that Berlin vetoed BAe's deal with the defence giant EADS. It did not want Europe's defence industry to be concentrated in a non-EU member.
Some truth here - but the advantages are mutual. "As of 2008 Britain has become the worlds leading developer of arms with British company BAE Systems. Defence group BAE Systems is the first company outside the U.S. to reach the top position,thanks to a deal with the Pentagon for mine-resistant vehicles to be used in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a defence think tank, the former British Aerospace group's arms sales are ahead of American market leaders Lockheed Martin and Boeing." US arms sales make up about 60% of BAe's activity - and US markets would be at risk from 'leaky' and insecure European arms operations. 

The financial services industry will be regulated on terms set in Brussels and be powerless to resist
This is just sheer nonsense, worthy of a post of its own to rebut.

British farmers, who have prospered under the Common Agricultural Policy, will find they become dependent on whatever mean-spirited British system of farm support that replaces it. Farms will survive by industrial farming, devastating the beloved English countryside.
This from a paper that normally whines about CAP payments going disproportionately to the UK's richest landowners? 

Tax avoidance and evasion will reach crippling levels as our economy becomes increasingly wholly owned by foreign multinationals that make tax avoidance in Britain central to their business strategy.
What, companies such as Starbucks, Amazon and eBay that currently contribute such vast amounts of tax to the UK Treasury under the EU single market? 

Of course, our direct budget contribution saving of £20bn a year, £17bn reduction in food costs from scrapping the CAP, £3.3bn from reclaiming our fish stocks from the CFP and de-regulation savings of perhaps £15bn a year are nowhere mentioned by the Euphiles. Nor are England's vast shale-gas reserves in our 200 mile limit in the North Sea. Nor the tsunami of increased trade with the Anglophone Commonwealth, currently restricted from EU markets. But expect the Euphiles to fight like cornered rats - they're not going to give up all they gain at our expense easily. 


Anonymous said...

Another spot on piece. I have long stated that we need to renew our love of the Commonwealth. Moreover the EU cannot possibly stop trading with the UK if we pulled out; they would simply cease to exist. They would all go down the pan in a week.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Raedwald, however I reckon that the malaise runs a bit deeper than the EU...

...It was our own bureaucrats that not only created the EU, but based the model on our bureaucracy.

DeeDee99 said...

Excellent dismantling of the Observer Editorial Raedwald. I trust you are going to post it in response on CIF.

Their article said not one word about Sovereignty; the democratic deficiencies of the EU or the imposition of foreign technocratic rule on countries which used to have a functioning democracy.

I am greatly encouraged by the comments. A sizeable majority are in favour of leaving the EU and very many point out the scaremongering and absurdities of the Editorial.

The dam is cracking....

Anonymous said...

As someone else observed.. Children in Need will break the record for fundraising this year hitting about £50M

Withdrawing from the EU would add that every SINGLE day to our eceonomy...

Moose said...

And then there is the small matter of Ford re-locating to Turkey, after the |EU gave Turkey a huge grant to expand their car production.
THIS is why the Ford plant shut down in Southampton (was it?)
So OUR money is given to Turkey so that they can take jobs from THIS country.

Robert of Ottawa said...

The financial services industry will be regulated on terms set in Brussels and be powerless to resist.

How, precisely? Like Hong Kong was regulated bymain land China before 1999?

Edward Spalton said...

The young vote - at any rate one highly intelligent group of voters and those soon to vote - was anything but Europhile last Monday (12th)
I debated EU membership in front of the sixth form at Repton school with an Oxford academic, Dr Graham Jones.
The vote for leaving was so overwhelming that they did not bother to take the count but I reckon the proportion of red cards shown to the EU was well over 80 per cent.

Budgie said...

A wonderful rebuttal, Raedwald, and very encouraging. But the europhiles will major on the scare tactics and that will hit our vote, as it did in 1975.

Anonymous said...

Germany has far too much to lose to allow the EU to play silly buggers with a British withdrawal from the EU. Actually, the balance sheet is stacked in our favour - we are a valued trading partner in or out of the EU - the scaremongering is a BS stratagem, an attempt at a chess-like feint by 'checkers' playing kiddies.

G. Tingey said...

I find the "trimming" & edging toward scepticism by Labour most amusing.
Listen to today's re-broadcast of "Today", when it comes on-line (just after the 07.00 news (ish)) they had a Labour old-schooler - & even he was edging away a little, arguing for "reform", and a lady from UKIP who was sacked by Kinnock, for pointing out how financially corrupt the EU was - she was the ex-auditor.