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Friday, 2 November 2012

Prison beckons for thief MacShane

If there's one thing the harsh sentences handed out to last year's rioters established it is this: No thieving MP will ever again escape prison. It's only a matter of time before MacShane is slopping-out with the lads in HMP York.

Even as the BBC sent out a reporter for some supportive Vox Pops amongst the good voters of Rotherham they refused to oblige, the concerted line taken being that MacShane must serve time like everyone else. 



Ian Hills said...

Being an MP he won't serve much time though.

Anonymous said...

The police have already investigated him and took no action.

The BBC this evening, carried out damage limitation saying the police couldn't take any further action as his behavior was covered under Parliamentary privilege.

But that's the BBC for you, covering up for child molesters and crooks.

It's the unique way in which they are funded, that allows them to stick two fingers up to the general public.

Anonymous said...

It's the unique way in which they are funded, that allows us to stick two fingers up to the bBC...

Anonymous said...

Phillip Davis has asked the met to reopen the case. McShane did not steal like the looters he made a "foolish mistake", don't you know the difference?

DeeDee99 said...

MacShane deeply regrets his error of judgement, m'Lud. The money which he claimed was not used for personal gain, but to gain insight into the evils of anti-Semitism and to promote the harmony which the EU is bestowing on Europe.

He has suffered a great punishment already: the loss of his personal reputation and his parliamentary career - a grievous blow indeed. I plead that he be dealt with leniently.

Sentence: 1 year in an Open Prison - to be suspended.

And the criminal walks free.

Herod said...

In common with the 650 exposed by the Telegraph, he feels his case is different, misunderstood, and it was all a mistake. Something happens to people as soon as they become an MP. Nearly all are shooed into rotten boroughs by the three main parties. We simply have to change the system without their input.

Edward Spalton said...

What happened about the £25,000 per year he was said to have billed the taxpayer for the use of his garage as an office?

Was that "within the rules"?

Some rules!

Wildgoose said...

I am really enjoying a bit of schadenfreude about this. He entered Parliament in the 1994 Rotherham by-election and I was the (then) Liberal Democrat candidate. As the only local candidate I stood as "Liberal Democrat Rotherham Born and Bred" which MacShane described as being a "coded message to white voters" and he spent the entire campaign accusing me of being racist.

He even continued doing so after he'd won the election, writing an article published in the New Statesman where he said that by putting up a candidate in one ward where Labour had put up an Asian candidate we had "deliberately split the anti-Tory vote" thereby preventing an Asian candidate being elected and that this was more evidence of our racism. (The fact that the same candidate had run in that ward before in a straight Labour-Tory contest and lost by even more was considered irrelevant).

Yes, apparently putting up candidates for election when Labour is fielding an Asian candidate is "racist".

It didn't do him any good. I got nearly 30% of the vote, the best result for a Liberal candidate since the First World War, and the worst for Labour.

I am now an English Democrat because the "Liberal" Democrats are anything but - they don't believe that all citizens of the UK should have the same democratic and other rights but rather that the English should be second-class citizens paying more tax, getting fewer benefits and without a dedicated Parliament of our own for English matters to mirror those in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

DeeDee99 said...

Mary Ellen Synon in the DM has written a great comment on MacShane's disgraceful behaviour on Newsnight, when appearing with Marta Andreason to talk about corruption in the EU.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"...slopping-out with the lads in HMP York..."

I doubt it.

A few weeks in some cushy "open prison" with weekend leave guaranteed.

There are those, and such as those.