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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Scallywag & Newsnight

Simon Regan, who died aged 58 in 2000, had a thing about butterflies and paedophiles. He also believed Diana was murdered, and was the journo who almost exposed Major's adulterous affair with Currie in 1993, but wrongly naming freelance cook Clare Latimer as the putative co-respondent rather than the Addams-esque Edwina. Scallywag was a sort of gutter version of Private Eye, published by ex-NOTW hack Regan from 1989 until closed in 1994 for its libellous content. Its stories live on in the eternal world of the internet, available to anyone who can use Google intelligently. 

One of Regan's more outrageous 'stories' made unprintable allegations against a number of senior Conservatives. I'm not going to name them. It's quite possible that Regan had stumbled across the truth about abuse involving senior political figures at a Welsh care home, but also quite possible that, like Clare Latimer, those he named are completely innocent. 

If you really want to know more, try "red-brick public toilets"

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