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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sick morality feeds the sex gangs

The Pakistani men who disproportionally make up around a third of identified sex-gang members must hardly believe their luck. In many cases shackled by their village imams into marrying their first cousins, many seek some sexual outlet outside of their strict communities. We've provided them with a massive cohort of disfunctional teen girls with rock-bottom self-esteem, hopeless futures and a desire to use whatever chemicals they can get hold of to obliterate the grey reality of the present. Desperate for any attention or affection, dehumanised by time served in State Childrens Homes, these emotional cripples are easy meat for the sex-gang abusers.  

Britain, which has encouraged any arrangement other than the traditional family as the societal model, whose benefits system rewards those women who spit out fatherless kids like sows farrowing, also has a welfare system that rapidly whips those kids off into 'residential care' before their mums can have them pierced and tattooed as pre-school decorative objects. Unlike modern Chistianity, Islam regards non co-religionists as fair game to be cheated, abused and taken advantage of; small wonder that Pakistani men, who would have their nadgers smashed with bricks if they tried the same with one of their own, feel they have licence to commit the most foul and exploitative abuse against these socially disabled girls.

Despite making up 90% of the population only about a third of known sex-gang offenders are white. I suspect many more poor white trash males are solitary sex offenders, quietly abusing their stepkids, with no particular need to join sex-gangs to hunt in packs. The sex-gang is a feature of poor immigrant communities, mini-cab drivers, curry house cooks and squalid damp cockroach infested mattresses on the floors of rooms above the local halal kebab shop. 

But it's our sick and morally relativist society that feeds the monster.   


DeeDee99 said...

And it's the multicultural champions which have forced a situation on the country where the culture of any 'minority' - however ignorant, sexist, racist or simply medieval in its practices - is to be 'respected' and allowed to florish.

Hence we have 'honour' killings; forced marriages; FGM; witch-children murders and home-grown jihadists.

They sowed the wind ... we are reaping the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

"But it's our sick and morally relativist society that feeds the monster."

Interesting to note the role of the welfare state here Raedwald....

...More than seventy years of enforced dipping by our pick-pocket politicians and bureaucrats, and no sign of a narrowing gap between the poor and ignorant and the rich and resourceful.

Anonymous said...

And still the authorities hide it, deny it and refuse to actually counter it.
Britain is, the sick man of Europe.

We won the war but it is hard to know why we actually bothered.
Sometimes, I think Hitler's German occupation would have been preferable and now that we exist in the worst of all worlds - occupied by the cultural Marxists and overwhelmed, soon to be overtaken by Salafi Islamists - the prospect fills me with such forboding that I cannot sleep and it is too late for me to escape this creeping and dystopian nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I lived near Rochdale once and I got to know some well-meaning people, you know the type, femaule in flower print long dress and the male with long hair and John Lennon specs. They were on the local council and were busy promoting Pakistanis to represent themselves on that council - until one election day. They came home from the counting and were dismayed. "They formed a caucus and voted us out" they said with ashen faces. "Well now, there's a feckin surprise" was my reply.

That was 1984 and they have gone a long way further down the shitter since then.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 8:38

'We won the war but it is hard to know why we actually bothered'

I've spent many an hour in my local British Legion, chatting with the lads who fought that war, and I can tell you nine out of ten would say the same.

This could be your daughter:


Span Ows said...

"But it's our sick and morally relativist society that feeds the monster."

PC turn-a-blind-eye mentality so as not to upset a vociferous minority...unbelievable and tragic.

G. Tingey said...

ALL societies are morally relativist, stop talking cods.

That our society is sick, that IS true, but not for the reason you have given.

jaded said...

Absolutely spot on post Raedwald.

Anonymous said...

Must watch video

Biased crime and punishment in the UK – Michael Coren Interviews Kevin Carroll Of The EDL

It is hard not to arrive at the conclusion that the ruling class in Britain wants to eliminate the native working class, and they do so by offering vulnerable working class white girls to the Islamic monster.

Where is St George when you need him?


Anonymous said...

Quote from anon above: Sometimes, I think Hitler's German occupation would have been preferable and now that we exist in the worst of all worlds.

I too feel the same way. If Islam conquers Britain by demographic growth and sustained by the NHS and Benefits, we will loose every aspect of our Western inheritance. I see no way out of this mess apart from "Separation" from Islam and Muslims.


Anonymous said...


Great post Raedwald.


banned said...

The BBC are still at it, on Wednesdays Radio 4 News (or possibly Today) they carried a lengthy report on gang rape and only mentioned ethmicity towards the end when someone declared that supposed overepresention among geng-rapists by Asians was because

"investigations about Pakistanis, Afghanis and Kurds were more assiduously persued".

G. Tingey said...

The "hated" BBC have also highlighted the grwoth of belief in witch-doctoring and "jinnni" amongst Pakistan-descended people here, and have (effectively) demanded that something be done to stop this insane behaviour.

Bet you missed that one, in your bigotry against the beeb!

I repeat ..
every society uses moral relativism.
If you deny this, I have a very simple question to ask.
Is "thou shalt not kill" an absolute command, or not?
If not, then where are the exceptions, & why?
And you are IMMEDIATELY inot morally-relatavistic territory, are you not?

Raedwald said...


It depends on how you translate 'kill' - perhaps a more accurate translation would be 'Thou shalt not do murder'

Abraham's God wasn't above doing a fair bit of killing himself, you know, but all perfectly justified (such as when Elisha was called 'baldy!' by some rough kids, and God caused two she-bears to appear and tear 42 of them to pieces ...)

Umbongo said...

Arguably - actually more or less certainly - the literal translation from the Hebrew and Aramaic is indeed "thou shalt not murder" which puts a slightly different slant on the whole thing.

G. Tingey said...

Nonetheless, the point stands.
Are people justified in killing others, & under what circumstances?
The naswer has varied a lot, over time.
This is moral relativism, is it not?
As with almost every other supposed trangression against a supposed "moral code", which is usually, nothing of the sort ...