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Monday, 5 November 2012

Voters also lie

You'd think there would be some comment on the latest Observer / Opinium Poll that puts labour on 41%, the Tories on 30%, UKIP on 10%, the LibDems on 9% and others on 10%. But no. And one of the problems with the figures is that voters aren't always honest about voting intentions - sometimes they're trying to tell the pollsters something that isn't being asked. 

So Labour's poll result could mean "George, you need a 'Plan B'", UKIP's may hold up at the EP elections then vanish at a GE and the LibDems may be even more dire than predicted. Voters still don't trust Labour on the economy. And they're becoming increasingly sensitive to the EU; so could 2015 be the election that's all about schools, hospitals and Europe?


DeeDee99 said...

If the electorate had any say in the matter I suspect the 2015 election would be about the economy, immigration and the EU.

But the 3 main parties will probably try and conspire with the MSM to avoid the last two, like they did in 2010 (and preceding elections) and will lie and obfuscate about the first.

If, however, UKIP wins the 2014 EU Parliament elections AND we are being flooded with hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians, I doubt they will get away with it this time.

There's a tangible anger building in this country............

G. Tingey said...

You missed the elephant in the room

Anonymous said...

There are three things that are front and centre of voters minds in this country (immigration and defence come a very very close 4th and 5th)

Afghanistan, the recession and the EU. And each of these three things is preceded by just one word - OUT. Tellingly, these three things are not even on the political agenda for discussion by Labour, Conservative or LibDem.

If any party had the brass balls to stand up and make a resolute promise to get us out of those three things, they would win a landslide.

Coney Island

Johnm said...

Afghanistan ?
Third or fourth ?
Way down....try just above the horizon.
No body-bags coming back/publicity about same and it wouldn't even be on the horizon.
The next election is/will-be/should-be about self, and probably will be.
By 2015 the full extent of changes to the health services will be apparent (even now surgeries are facing financial constraints, including being forced by budgetary constraints/income to out-source things to the private sector) while, for instance, things like the mass resignation of 350 GPs' from Virgin health services are not being reported.
Things like Virgin trains being refused a contract are...but things like their service was crap anyway are not...that's the power of money and contacts.
Nigel Farage ?
Good grief, he makes the other three look positively constrained, and comes across at EU debates as insulting not intelligent.
That's as long as something doesn't surface just before the election, that the press feel they have to report no matter what.

Anon 2 said...

Today's US coverage of their election could prove instructive ... about the media's presentations and public opinion.

They're looking at Miami, for instance, where voters are queuing for up to six hours for their right to choose between two turkeys. Mind you, in Miami they'll be predominantly Hispanics and Hatians (legal or otherwise); and NPR tag most of those as strangely anti-Republican. Which will surely encourage more of the same ilk to join the party.

Never mind the incompetence that makes them queue for their computerised system, then. Never mind the racist (anti-Anglo) sentiment that makes them turn or (esp. if Cuban) stay to the Left.

Just note the passion. For Power. And don't forget we have a parallel demographic situation in England.

Anonymous said...

If people knew the truth of the almighty bollocks going on in Afghanistan and the real casualty figures - it would be right at the top of the "things to get out of". In a very similar vein - immigration and the EU are treated in the same way - 'eyes only' and info: strictly regulated and gilded propaganda only.

Propaganda, bread and circuses : plebeian fodder.

Dave_G said...

How innocent we are...... the next election will be decided on one thing only - BENEFITS - and who will give the best deal to the 'majority' of spongers that hold far too much sway in this country.

mikebravo said...

Bang on D_G.
How can the useless wasters vote themselves a larger share of the producers property.

Budgie said...

The next election will be fought over the CAGW hoax and the subsequent government/subsidy/power companies scams and consequently over priced energy.

G. Tingey said...

Half-right - at least someone is getting it.
Yes there IS a scam over CAGW - perpetrated by the energy companies & guvmint, seeking to rip us off ...
Whilst carefully actually ignoring the real problem.
Of GW, which IS, unfortunately, real ... unfortunately the expensive measures being taken are useless, whci really does not help, at all.

Budgie said...

G Fingey, only half right I'm afraid. GW is, fortunately for us, real. Otherwise we would be in the middle of an ice age.

If you meant AGW, then you are wrong. No one knows how much of the GW is natural and how much is Anthropogenic. So AGW cannot be proved.