Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cameron reprises Chamberlain

Imagine if in 1939 we'd heard

"I have today sent Lord Halifax to Berlin to negotiate terms with the German government. We are only a small island, and my government is unable to carry the burden of opposing the might of Nazi Europe. If we negotiate, we may be allowed to retain some vestige of democracy and our ceremonial traditions; if we do not, we risk being run by facsimile diktat from Berlin, without any freedom of action whatsoever.

All naval, military and airborne units of His Majesty's armed forces are hereby instructed to offer no resistance to the forces of the German Empire, to lay down their arms and place themselves at the disposal of the occupying power. 

I'm very sorry, but my government just aren't up to the job of leading the nation down any other path. Giving in is the least bothersome option, and we stand a good chance of keeping our weekends free."

Do you really imagine we'd have stood for it, or would Chamberlain have found himself hoisted up the nearest lamp-post? And how different would our reaction be today?

Come to that, imagine that in 2010 Herr Von Rumpy had advised us in advance of the election 

"Brown was a great Prime Minister of Britain. I hope the policies he put in place will continue after the election"

Substitute 'Monti' for 'Brown' and 'Italy' for 'Britain' and that's exactly what he's just told the Italians. They seem quiescent. And sadly, as much as I'd like to think that had he said it here the EU Headquarters in Smith Square would have been ablaze, I'm pretty sure that apart from some huffing and puffing he'd have got away with it. 


Blue Eyes said...

Hitler had a fax machine?!

Seriously though, I think you are close to the truth. We don't get quite as upset on the mainland about flags as they do in Belfast, but at least we don't have the Blue and Yellow thing flying over Westminster as it flies over the Bundestag. But then again if we were running the continent from Westminster we might be a bit prouder of the institution.

Interesting blog by Nick Robinson where Cameron appears to have realised that he can't have his cake and eat it on Europe.

We might be out sooner than we realise.

Anonymous said...

Dave said; "No-gotiate, prevaricate and remain part of the German empire until the looming crescent of the 'ideology of peace' assumes control of the island of surrender."

Census 2011, only 80% population are of 'British descent', or, a fifth of the population are not Brits - give it another half a generation [birth rate+ immigration at 600,000p/a] the inundation will rise to 40%+ and then it will be far too late and the 'Ideology of peace' will be compulsory - on pain of death.

Anonymous said...

Lord Haw Haw more like..

G. Tingey said...

It very, very nearly happened, actually!

As for 20% non-British, but probably only 2-3% muslim, & of course well over 3/4 of them don't want shari'a or anything like it - as for the "birth rate" scare tactic, it's just that. A lying scare: demographics as health/living conditions improve always, every time give a falling birth-rate. Try, of all places, Iran as an example.

Just the same, Readwald's original point is scarily true ....

Anonymous said...

War is inevitable, Raedwald.


Jackart said...

We're not at war with Europe. Van Rumpy-pumpy isn't Hitler.

Daft analogy.

Anon 2 said...

But of course,Raedwald.

Why else has Rumpelstiltskin nobbled the peace prize for himself!!!