Friday, 18 January 2013

Being Britain

Cameron's dire warning on the fate of the British hostages in Algeria hints at intelligence of gruesome acts. Before long, fuzzy footage of a middle-aged refrigeration technician from Bromley having his head sawn-off with a bread knife will appear on Youtube. Already the papers are linking such acts to our loan of C17 aircraft to the French. Do they seriously imagine that had we not done so, our expats would have been immune from violence? No. Part of Being Britain is that our citizens abroad are at constant risk from every anti-colonialist nutter, hash-fuelled arab or Marxist indoctrinated African looking for a target for their violence. And every time some porridge-brained bishop, vote-hustling politician, intellectually vacant minister or mendacious academic gets on their hind legs to 'apologise' for Britain's past role in the world they add another tiny bit of 'justification' for targeting Brits and make life just a fraction more dangerous for all our expats. 

The Algerians have their own 300-strong special forces, the Groupe d'Intervention Sp├ęcial, GIS, that since 1987 have spearheaded the fight against Islamic terrorism. Their training apparently takes much from the Russian Spetsnaz. If so, the tactics will have been a massive immediate concerted assault with any hostages surviving the action a bonus - exactly as the Russians have dealt with many Chechen terrorist hostage situations. It's not an inferior approach to that of our own special forces, just based on a different premise. Their approach says "the lives of hostages mean little to us. Destroying you is more important". It's calculated in the long term to make hostage-taking a less rewarding option. 

So Brits living and working in nations such as Algeria are running a double jeopardy; not only won't the hostage takers value them highly, but neither will the government. Just part of Being British.  


Anonymous said...

If you are big enough and daft enough, then you must suffer the consequences of your actions and decisions. Working, being subcontracted and getting paid in foreign parts and on an oil installation is very, very well paid.

Algeria/Sudan/Chad/Nigeria/Libya - I wouldn't go to work there - for all the tea in China. In Algeria, you will be hated, loathed for your 'Christian ways' - even if the nearest you get to religion is passing a church on the way to the pub.

But honestly, we kid ourselves not. If you think Britain is safe - think again.
Thanks to our ignoble political class, encouraged, enacted by the EU ethos of multiculturalism and of open borders - the threat is come near.

Soon, the wanton violence and savagery from salafist/Wahabbist trained nutters - it will be arriving, in fact, the men are already here - it just needs a spark or pretext for operations to commence.

William Gruff said...

' ... Part of Being Britain is that our citizens abroad are at constant risk from every anti-colonialist nutter, hash-fuelled arab or Marxist indoctrinated African looking for a target for their violence ... '
One doesn't have to go abroad to be at risk: Our resident unwanted Mahommedans have declared parts of the Eastend to be Isalmic areas and groups of their youth 'patrol' the area initmidating non Mahommedans.

Gates of Vienna has posted a video made by the youths themselves. It can't be long before your middle-aged refrigeration technician from Bromley is murdered in Bromley.

There's trouble coming and those who are supposed to protect us from it show no apparent inclination to do so.

G. Tingey said...

A shame on both Raedwald & anon, for the unreasoning (I hate to say it) stupidity of their comments.
Anon first:
Would you REALLY be hated for your "christian" ways in ALgeria - they do welcome tourists along the Med coast, you know?
Agree that the salfi (etc) are nutters & there are probably some here already, but it does NOT need a spark or pretext.
Remembe, these loonies are RELIGIOUS BELIEVERS - they don't nees a "reason" or an excuse, because BigSkyFairy has already told them to do it, anyway ....

Raedwald - you are seriously out-of-date, at the very least.....
"anti-colonialist nutter, hash-fuelled arab or Marxist indoctrinated African"
The anti-colonialists seem to be resticted to Zimbabwe, these days.
Marxism is dead in Africa - except, of course where the colonialist Chinese are imposing it ... I wonder how long before the Africans wake up to that?
Even hash-fuelled arab is unfair - read my comment on religious believers, above.
Their brains have been rotted, but not by drugs, they have been rotted by the meme of islam - MUCH more dangerous than any dope.

In the end, the only way, I agree to deal with said nutters is: "Kill them all" if & when they try anything stupid - & they will.
However, I think the Russian/Algerian method is wrong - you try to save as many people as you can - THEN kill them all......

G. Tingey said...

William Gruff
I have a horrible suspicion you may be correct ...
However, when the official backlash comes, & it will, they will turn to precedent - after all, we have had this problem before ... a turbulent religious minority, within which is a hard core of millitant murderous nutters ....
They were called "the Catholics", during the years after 1583.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"It's calculated in the long term to make hostage-taking a less rewarding option"

Which is the correct strategy.

Something similar informed the decisions of government in the 80's, when faced with hostage situations - the stance was "we never pay ransom. Ever."

And hard though it is at the time, it's the right decision; many years ago a wise man wrote that "once you have paid them the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane." Plus ca change...

Anonymous said...

"anti-colonialist nutter, hash-fuelled arab or Marxist indoctrinated African looking for a target for their violence."

Don't forget rabbid musslemen, Radders.

mikebravo said...

Greg "kill them all" Tingey. A new facet to your personality revealed.
I suspect that you may well be correct.
Quite a thought that we may need to become a Serbia to save ourselves. Do you suppose that our "special relationship" with the land of the free will be over and they will bomb us back to the stone age?

G. Tingey said...

NO the last thing we need to do is become a "Serbia".
Remember, the vast majority of so-called "muslims" are about as muslim as others are "christian" ... i.e. not at all, really & actually.
Whatever the religion, the bigots are the true believers, I'm afraid.

Demetrius said...

Close to sixty years ago one spent some fun time on the banks of the Elbe winding up the Soviets to see what their signals traffic might suggest. We were aware that the Reds had some hard men who might pay us a visit. Luckily, we had a company of The Cameronians to screen us, the hardest of the hard. Where are The Cameronians now?

Anonymous said...

It is not our problem to look after people working in dangerous places. i personally have visited the southern Philippines and was lucky to get out with my head. if i had been taken, tough luck, my fault i should not have been there. if BP want to get gas from Algeria, they should provide their own security. it is shame, and io do feel for the families, but, they took BP's shilling and should be prepared for the cost.

Anonymous said...

There's another aspect to this which is not being mentioned in the press, but should be borne in mind.

Of the British passport holders injured or killed in this operation, some may have been members of the terrorist gang.


Tom said...

anonymous @13:13

As one of those "people working in dangerous places" - I have some sympathy with your viewpoint - generally though, security is in place - either passive or overt.

This is a (yet another) fail for BP and also the Algerian authorities.

People don't realise/forget that banditry is still a viable lifestyle choice in many parts of the world - however it's funded or justified.

Electro-Kevin said...

Our standard of living depends on these go getters taking a chance in dangerous lands.

It's all very well saying that the hostages lives are worthless but if this idea takes hold then who will volunteer ?

No. They need top private security protection to stop it happening in the first place: Ex SAS, SBS, RAF Regiment, Royal Marines... and at least one privately owned Apache.