Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So, Cameron is now to sneak out 'the most important speech of his career' not at some great European venue, aimed at a continental audience, but here at home, just before he jets-off to meet Davros. The highlights of the speech have been leaked already, and few expect any surprises. It will be the same-old same-old. Meanwhile the date of the much-promised referendum has slipped back again; now it's 2016, after the election. However, UKIP's robbing of Conservative votes is something he can't ignore, and Europe must remain on his agenda. 

On the side of the EU are the big corporations, international finance and the political class - the whole attendance list, in fact, for this week's Davos meeting. Cameron will be there, schmoozing with 'bloody' Blair and 'mental' Brown; Berlusconi will provide the under-age Lithuanian tarts, and maybe let one or two out of the traps for Strauss-Kahn to chase about the hotel. Bob Diamond will have a quiet dinner with George Osborne, Fred Goodwin and Sean Fitzpatrick. The rich and powerful, who avoid any mutual recognition in the public eye, will meet discreetly over fizzy wine and canapes. The official theme for Davos this year is 'Dynamic Resilience'. Or possibly 'Resilient Dynamism'. It really doesn't matter; the real agenda is wealth creation for the wealthy, of ever bigger international corporations, of banks subverting the Vickers reforms. You and I are just 'consumers', the pawns of the economy - and now that we're getting poorer, we are to be relegated as newly-emerging Chinese and Indian middle classes offer better margins.

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