Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Rotten Stench of the New Establishment

When I think back to the satirical 'establishment' targets of the 1970s now I think only how naive we all were. The out-of-touch judges, bent coppers, pompous MPs, upper class twits, fat bishops and naughty vicars, corrupt councillors and opaque mandarins that we saw as an obstacle to a truly liberal, free, open and transparent society were in reality the dam holding back a whole new generation of the new establishment even more rotten, more corrupt, more self serving and less transparent than they were.

Several decades after Lindsay Anderson's 'Britannia Hospital' we have the reality of all our hospitals euthanising the old and inconvenient through the Liverpool Death Pathway; we also have 1,200 prematurely dead in Mid Staffs, not even, as that ghastly regime accorded the victims of the T4 programme, 'granted a mercy-death (Gnadentod) after discerning diagnosis' but killed though indifference and lack of care, stinking in their own faeces, dying of thirst, hunger and cold whilst their fat cat bosses enjoyed canapes at the opera, built extensions to their comfortable suburban houses and enjoyed the apres-ski on the slopes of Verbier.  

So they're now all on remand in jail awaiting trial, no? No. Not Dr Helen Moss, the Director of Nursing, deaf to pleas of junior nurses, acquitted by her peers. Not Martin Yeates, the Chief Executive, who left with a £400k goodbye. Not Sir David Nicholson, who ran West Midlands SHA, who has been promoted and now runs the entire NHS. And not Cynthia Bower, also head of the SHA, who beyond belief  now runs the Care Quality Commission. 

And while some 60 newspaper hacks were arrested in dawn raids and remain on bail for the suspected phone hacking of  third-rate tabloid fodder personalities, thieving MPs remain at large and immune from prosecution, robbing bankers enjoy their lives of luxury untouched by the law, incompetent mandarins who lose billions are rewarded with honours and pensions, corrupt councillors bluff their way through trouble and the whole generation of the new establishment who drink deep at the public tit, who seek power and reward without responsibility, celebrate their immunity from Justice. 

The rotten stench of the new establishment like week-old Mackerel does more than merely offend; it is repulsive, repugnant, indecent and unbearable.  


gggggrrrr! said...

The elastic band has been stretched extremely taut...

Anonymous said...

They have got away with it for centuries.
Now they are secure in their corruption and immorality.
Power Corrupts: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
I'm very afraid that the only solution involves large amounts of bloodshed.

DeeDee99 said...

It takes centuries of corrupt, thieving and amoral behaviour by the ruling elite before a cowed and powerless population rises against them. Witness France and Russia - two massively dysfunctional nations which eventually revolted.

It isn't going to happen in the UK. As a nation, we have a passive, law-abiding character that is nowhere near sufficiently angry to revolt. The vast majority have no idea what is going on in this country and they don't care anyway - until it affects them directly.

Most of them give the b+stards a mandate to keep screwing them every which way they can - they won't even switch to the Party that is fighting the LibLabCON Establishment Party.

The Managers who were responsible for the manslaughters at Staffordshire Hospital should be prosecuted. But they won't. It was all systemic; no-one accountable; no-one to be blamed .... move along, nothing to see here.

Edward Spalton said...

Friends, acquaintances and I have had excellent NHS care here at the Royal Derby Hospital. I have had two minor day surgery treatments recently. If I had gone privately and had the same treatment, I would have been congratulating myself on getting excellent value for money.

But I minister in a Church in Staffordshire where people in the congregation tell a completely different story of incompetence, callousness, withholding of pain killers and so on. The atmosphere was summed up in a relatively trivial incident for me by a lady who was visiting her husband in hospital and couldn't find him. The nurse in charge directed her to a bed.
"That's not him" she said.
"OH YES IT IS" said the nurse, getting quite stroppy.
"Look dear, I've been married to him for fifty years and that's not him" . With very bad grace, the nurse eventually did find him.

What beats me about the Staffordshire case is why the police have not been called in to investigate mass manslaughter by negligence. If a restaurant chain had killed 1200 people by food poisoning, there would certainly have been prosecutions.

But when it is a state agency, the very best you can expect is a report of this type. Whatever the occasion, such reports invariably conclude with a variant of the following formula
"Mistakes have been made. Lessons have been learned AND THE COUNTRY'S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS"

Barnacle Bill said...

One has a feeling that the majority of the victims were white in the Staffordshire case?

But the elastic is getting very stretched now, whilst the ink in the pen is running out, time to get the old SMLE out of storage?

G. Tingey said...

Anon @ the top has it right, & Radders has it wrong, I'm afraid.
This isn't some "new establishment" ... it's the same old one.
The cover-ups, the hounding of the little guys & whistleblowers, the promotion of the floating turds @ the top.
NOTING has changed, at all, actuallly.

cuffleyburgers said...


One of your finest posts - well done for expressing it so passionately.

What to do? that's a slightly m,ore difficult one - but yes, if it doesn't change peacefully then blood will have to be shed, and I hope it doesn't come to that - my own view is that gradually we can seek the bastards out, but this will open happen when enough people are enraged enough, and posts such as yours are a key part of that process.

THey need to reach a wider public though.

Anonymous said...

This has now gone beyond belief.
No wonder the elites want the population completely disarmed as they know full well they will end up getting executed by the people for their crimes IF people finally wake up and stop watching Strictly, Corrie, Deadenders etc.

It is insanity that company managers (think food retail) can be criminally prosecuted for H&S or food standards breaches which might possibly require someone being hospitalised, however, people in charge of the hospitals are not accountable for killing thousands?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It is (almost) beyond belief that nobody has even been disciplined over the Stafford hospital outrage.

But it's not beyond belief - it's what we have come to expect from the NHS.

Nobody is ever responsible for anything, nobody is accountable, all must have rises.

The envy of the world.

Tom Oliva said...

Makes Harold Shipman look like a rank amateur and humanitarian in his swift method of dispatch....

I note that that the "state broadcaster" is pushing / ramming it down the agenda as fast as it can ... and wheeling out the you "can't blame individuals" mantra at any every opportunity - completely nauseating - but unsurprising from an organisation that has so much in common with NHS management.

The goons in NHS "management " have prematurely ended more British lives than the Taliban - the SAS should be abseiling down from helicopters into admin offices across the country.

That the smug swine David Nicholson who presided over much of this gets to ponce his way utterly unchallenged through a series of interviews is simply (spluttering profanity of choice)

And yes - the BBC has more than its fair share of Common Purpose acolytes.

The fight against terror? - right-oh..... How far can they push it?

And Raedwald - excellent post - thank you.

Tom Oliva said...

The brazen-ness with which they conduct their business is epic - picked this up from DT comments:

Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Trust - Raedwald's back yard....

Michael Booth said...

Raedwald, an excellent post and one that deserves a wider public. This state of affairs cannot go on, action needs to be decisive and taken soon, but alas action will not come from our politicians and those with vested interest. Perhaps we need a 'Bring NHS murderers to justice' Captain Ranty says on his blog, we are to blame if we sit back and do nothing. He's right.

Anonymous said...

Riddel drones on, in the Telegraph and unknowingly exposes the base attitudes right at the black heart of Socialism and their cultural Marxist dogmas.

Politicking, it comes first with Riddel and she believes that and regarding, through Burnham and Labour they now can steal a march on the Tories.
Ably rewriting history [as is HUNT] glossing over who presided over and actively encouraged [RCN nursing degrees etc] this dreadful institutionalised manslaughter.

All in a days work, for a rabid Socialist harpy Riddel and no doubting that Polly will happily concur.

English Pensioner said...

It is appalling that there have been no prosecutions, if it had been any other business, those at the top would at least have been charge with corporate manslaughter.
But you have to remember that whenever Civil Servants or MPs draft new laws or regulations they do their level best to include exemptions for themselves in the legislation. One suspects that this is the case with the NHS executives being are exempt from prosecution.

Valentine Smith said...

Re the Mid Staffs affair, I actually think Radio 4 did quite a good job yesterday of attempting to skewer all concerned, but still they did not ask the man in the street question. '1,000 people have died and no-one has been punished at all, no sackings, no court cases, why?'

Edward Spalton said...

PRIVATE EYE intends to produce a full report in its next issue. Their reports are usually very thorough.

Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly, the media and those holding the 'inquiries' have not and will not mention the real reason behind the NHS failings - the influence of the treasonous 'Common Purpose' organisation, whose doctrine has been embedded in every area of the Public Sector, including the NHS.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you all a clue:

New Labour, New Britain


Jacobite said...

Great post raedwald one of your best,all I feel is anger as to how low as a country we have sunk, it is unbelievable that no one is to be held to accountable for this tragedy, we are truly sinking into despotism.

Anonymous said...

actually my old darlings....both capitalism and socialism are names conjured-up for the common man.
Neither exist.
Instead we are ruled by self-enlisted elites that have fake inter-politics wars among themselves.
I noted no reluctance, in any "party" in stealing the taxpayers money with fake expenses.
You stick with your "isms", I'll stick with the fact that all of them are treacherous scum who would kill their own parents for a fiver.

Cascadian said...

An excellent commentary, but missing one fact. Most of the deaths were due to malnutrition, withheld water and drugs, and infected bed-sores, in a word-neglect, that one expects in a concentration camp.

The National Death Service operatives should not be tried for poor health practices, they must be tried for systemic cruelty and barbarism. As Tom mentioned above Harold Shipman was sentenced to life imprisonment for less.

Not too far off topic, I think it is now clear that killing off elders by poor or withheld healthcare, freezing them due to high energy costs or failing to protect them from street thugs have become policy of the government to reduce the deficit.

Camoron and the happy-clappy classes "celebrated" the NDS at the Olympic opening.

Tom Oliva said...

I heard some of that - but I also in passing heard R1, R2 and several R4 headline news bulletins - nary a word for 3 hours... maybe it's a synchronisation thing?

The parallels between NHS and BBC run deep and the BBC have certainly colluded in cover ups locally - their basic editorial stance is if the state organisation being complained about won't officially engage - there's no story.

On a corporate level they want to get back to trite fluffy bunny stories and copy n paste climate scare PR pronto.

Plenty of appetite for being obstructive but none for a scrap - no sirree.

Anonymous said...

All of these organisations (the government, the NHS, the police etc etc etc ad nauseum) have something in common; they exist for the benefit of themselves, not the people that they are meant to serve.

So there was Mrs. Hodkin, a 58 year old grandmother, walking through Bexley to get to work. I'm sure she didn't start her day thinking that someone would cut her head off whilst walking through a well known town in a supposedly civilised country, but there you have it...and the rest was history, well for her anyway.

So who failed Mrs. Hodkin? The police? The NHS? The local authorities? The government? All of the above? Yep, "all of the above" is the right answer.

And who will be forced to arrive at the home of the those little grandchildren to explain to them that Granny won't be back and they won't ever see her again and in fact she is now in two parts in a coffin in an NHS morgue somewhere. Quite possibly the very same NHS trust that deemed it was perfectly safe for a (self-confessed) psycopath to be let loose on the public.

Are you getting the picture yet? Just in case you haven't, let me spell it out for you. These agents of the state couldn't give a fuck about you or your family; they exist almost exclusively for their own benefit and you don't matter one jot, so you can a)fuck off and stop complaining and b)pay up, or they will send someone round to make sure you do.

Coney Island

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

That the BBC seeeks to bury the NHS shortcomings in Stafford - no contest = BBC web front page midday 8th Feb 2013

Move along - nothing to see

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Only week old Mackerel??

Colonel Shotover said...

Agree with the sentiment Raedwald but some of your facts are askew. Cynthia Bower (not Bower) is gone from the CQC. Perhaps you are confusing her with Christine Blower, another person most sensible people love to hate.

john in cheshire said...

I'm very unlikely to come into contact with these entities. I just hope that there are some decent people out there who, when in the presence of those who have caused our nation harm, have the courage to express some of the disgust that we collectively feel for them. Refuse to shake their hand, refuse to acknowledge the titles that have been accorded to them, turn one's back on them, tell the gathering who they are in fact socialising with. In essence make them pariahs. Force them from normal, decent intercourse. Shun them, send them to Coventry. Do all the legal and non violent things that we, the suppressed owners of our country are still entitled to do without fear of retribution from the excrement that purports to rule over us.

Edward Spalton said...

John in Cheshire,
I am sure you are right that social opprobrium is a powerful weapon . The trouble is that those of us who are of an age to realise the height, length and breadth of our betrayal have usually been brought up to be instinctively polite. It goes against the grain of our upbringing to be intentionally rude to someone face to face . Some do it virtually on the Internet who would not say boo to a goose man to man.

I was a rather tongue-tied party to an incident where people did cut loose. It took place in the lounge of the Savoy hotel where I was having a post opera (HMS Pinafore) drink with Lynn and Rodney Atkinson( website when who should come in but Sir Edward Heath.
"WE'RE NOT STAYING TO DRINK WITH TRAITORS" announced Rodney for all to hear and Lynn gave him a real tongue lashing as we swept out. The spiteful old queen looked really shaken. Lynn can be quite volcanic!

Perhaps it was for fear of such incidents and worse that Heath had to have police protection to the end of his dishonourable days.

G. Tingey said...

"The BEige Dictatorshio"

G. Tingey said...

That should have read:
The Beige Dictatorship

Anonymous said...

NO Accountability DAVE CAMERON you are all talk.I will never vote again. Criminal activities have gone on at NORTH MILL AVONCLIFF no accountability there either, just keep pulling huge salaries and pensions.Make people accountable !!!!!

Anon 2 said...

Yes, John in Cheshire. That's what I think too. I may never get the chance; but, if I do, I'll take it.

[I'll try to do it a bit more obviously than the time, I was on the same aircraft as Harold Wilson -- whom I loathed almost as much as I do Camoron. Some of us were invited to have our photographs taken during all the fuss of his disembarkation and reception on the ground. I refused.]

Anonymous said...

come off it.
You all voted for this over and over. One way or another. You wanted to break up Britain , import thousands of migrants, enforce feminism etc etc etc.
You got what you want.

Edward Spalton said...

The Beige Dictatorship is an excellent analysis. The point where this dispensation became firmly established could be fixed at 1971. That was the year when MPs referred their conditions of employment to something called the Top salaries Review Body .

Prior to that, they got their salary (which they decided)' first class rail travel to their constituencies, franking for their mail and 2,000 sheets of paper per year - no pension, no second home allowance, no duck houses and moat cleaning - and no allowances for assistants, researchers etc. So the hermetically sealed career progression from researcher to MP to Minister did not exist.
One prescient MP spoke against the new dispensation. He said that the more a parliamentary seat became like a salaried, pensioned profession, the greater would become the influence of the party selectors on who was permitted to stand. This would change the relationship between an MP and his party to the advantage of the party and between Parliament and government to the advantage of the government.

I think this is certainly one occasion when we can say
"Enoch was right"' don't you?

G. Tingey said...

Following Mr Spalton's ecomium, can I ask all of you to not ony read the Beige Dictatorship, but to spread it around?
I, like the writer (whom I know personally) would strike a lot of you as dreadfully "left-wing", but we, too are very concerend about the threats to our liberties.
When someone like Charlie, says:

"As for the zero-tolerance policing thing: if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to be afraid of, comrade."

You know it is getting bad.

Budgie said...

A wonderful post, Raedwald. The 'rotten New Establishment' - great phrase.